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Why Devon is the ideal location to buy a holiday home

Why Devon is the ideal location to buy a holiday home

As with any property, if you’re thinking about buying a holiday home, location is key. If you’re thinking about owning your own holiday home, here’s why we think Devon could be the perfect location for you.

The unbelievable scenery

Anyone that has been to Devon before can attest to its stunning scenery. And not only is the scenery beautiful, but it’s versatile too. There are miles of golden beaches, gorgeous landscapes, bustling harbours, and beautifully kept countryside to enjoy. With five ‘Areas of Outstanding Beauty’ (Tamar Valley, Blackdown Hills, South Devon, East Devon, and North Devon) and two National Parks (Dartmoor and Exmoor), it’s easily one of the most eye-pleasing counties in England. Owning a holiday home in Devon means you get your own slice of this serenity and calm.

The wealth of attractions

Buying a holiday home in Devon doesn’t just give you lots of pretty things to look at, there’s also so much to do! Devon has a whole host of fun, exciting, and educational attractions that you’ll never be bored or find yourself wondering what to do. From zoos, parks, museums, theme parks, escape rooms and farms, Devon has something for everyone to enjoy.

It’s close to other lovely locations

Wherever you own a holiday home, you might find yourself fancying a day trip somewhere else. And the great thing about buying a holiday home in Devon is that it’s really close to other amazing locations. Cornwall, Newquay, and Dorset are all on Devon’s doorstep, making it really easy for you to hop on a train or jump in the car and head off for the day or even a long weekend.

It’s a foodie’s paradise

It’s thought that cream tea originated at Tavistock’s Benedictine Abbey in Devon over 1000 years ago but whether that’s true or not, Devonshire cuisine is a lot more than just cream tea. Because Devon is home to the South West’s largest fishing port, fresh catches are delivered to the local restaurants, cafes, and markets daily making a seaside portion of fish and chips a must. Devon also produces scrumptious pasties with a variety of different fillings, including the traditional beef, onion, and swede, as well as some less mainstream flavours such as chicken tikka. You can wash it down with some of Devon’s finest cider. You’ll be calling it scrumpy like a true local in no time.

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