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The best hidden beaches in Devon

The best hidden beaches in Devon

Each year, millions of holidaymakers flock to the beautiful Devonshire coastline making it one of the most popular tourist spots in the UK. However, hidden away in the nooks and crannies of the Devon coast are still a few unspoilt spots where you can enjoy a little peace and quiet away from the crowds. Here are the best hidden beaches to explore in Devon.

Lannacombe Beach

Fancy a spot of peaceful sunbathing with only the sounds of the sea and the gulls for company? Then Lannacombe Beach is the place to seek out. It really is one of South Devon’s true hidden gems and is an amazing little spot to avoid the bustling crowds that flood Devon beaches in the summertime. The high cliffs protect you from the wind even on this wild bit of Devonshire coast. The indirect route through winding country paths and the small car park means it’s often deserted for complete tranquillity. There are plenty of rock pools and interesting spots to enjoy which makes it perfect for kids too.

Grunta Beach

This beach isn’t the best for sunbathing as there isn’t much of a beach here except at low tide. It’s also quite difficult to access so may not be suitable for the elderly, young children or those with any mobility issues but the beauty of it really is unrivalled. The sandy little cove of Grunta is situated below the cliffs in front of the village of Mortehoe and you may even be lucky enough to get this place to yourself.

Moor Sands

Moor Sands, also known as Vernick’s Cove, is located just north of Prawle Point between Salcombe and Dartmouth – the most southerly spot in Devon. It’s pretty well hidden and is a little tricky to get to – there’s a rope ladder to use to access the beach. But because of this, the area is incredibly peaceful and remains completely unspoilt. Moor Sands is a popular spot for swimming and if you love snorkelling, it’s a haven for sea life spotting.

Heddon’s Mouth

You’ll find Heddon’s Mouth on the rugged North Devon coast between Combe Martin and Lynton. This place is most popular with ramblers and hikers and is a picturesque pit stop as you make your way through Devon. It’s so remote that years ago it was a popular smuggler spot and was even thought to have served as a resting spot for soldiers in World War II!

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