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South West caravan holidays – 3 reasons Devon and Cornwall are perfect counties for a summer caravan holiday

South West caravan holidays – 3 reasons Devon and Cornwall are perfect counties for a summer caravan holiday

You smile to yourself as you drive along a coast road heading south. It is a sweltering 27 degrees outside and the windows are down. You look up from the road to see the sign you’ve been looking out for all day. Now entering Devon and Cornwall. You can visualise all the fun you’re going to be having during your South West caravan holidays.

“Hey everyone, we’re almost there” you say to your family in the car.

The kids in the back erupt in excitement. They can’t wait to start the first of many South West caravan holidays. They want to play on the beach and in the sea.

You can’t believe how hot it is down this part of the country, you could be abroad. Your partner echoes the same sentiment as you snake around the coast road. You’ve got another hour or two of country road driving ahead of you, but with the weather’s so nice and the views so picturesque you’re not complaining.

You’ve heard amazing things about the South West but have never really bothered to venture down until now. And you’re kicking yourself you didn’t earlier. You just passed some palm trees on the side of the road. There’s a definite Caribbean vibe to the area.

Families are often taken aback by the beaches, beauty and accessibility of the South West. For many families, South West caravan holidays don’t even register as an option for a getaway. Devon and Cornwall are some of the hottest places in the UK and boast many amazing beaches, seaside walks and activities for the whole family to enjoy.

Lots of British holiday makers believe you have to go abroad to get the type of beaches and weather you can find in the South West. If anywhere is going to be called the English Riviera it is Devon and Cornwall.

If you’re keen to explore this beautiful area of the country with your family we think the best way to do it is in your own static caravan or holiday home. In this article we’ll share why we think the South West of England is one of the best holiday destinations for you and your family and why we think a static holiday home is the best way to experience it.

Why choose a caravan holiday for your next family getaway?

Getting away with the kids can be a stressful experience. You need to pack a lot of extra baggage and there’s 100 extra things you need to think about. And that’s before you’ve even looked at flights and set foot on a plane.

When you’ve got a young family it can be easier to holiday in the UK and going on a South West caravan holiday mean you can be relaxing at the beach without a care in the world in a fraction of the time it’d take to get to Spain or Italy.

Caravan holidays are also great bonding experiences for the whole family. You have your own private place that you own, you don’t need to share a noisy hotel with strangers. Also, with a caravan holiday nature is right on your doorstep. There’s plenty for you and the family to do together, whether that’s exploring a forest, going to the beach or taking a day trip to a local town. Going on holiday to a static caravan is the best way to have a great holiday together. Below we’ve listed 4 reasons why we think a caravan holiday is the best family holiday possible.

It’s an adventure

Holiday homes are your own little palaces. Away from crowded hotels you can really feel like you’re out in nature on your own. You can be completely self-sufficient and work to your own schedule. No adventure is off limits whether it’s a morning walk from your static home, a trip to the beach or maybe you’re having a family meal with friends. The freedom and sense of adventure you get from staying in a static holiday home can’t be matched by a hotel or airbnb.

You are on your own schedule

Nobody can tell you what to see and do when you own your own holiday home. This is a place to relax and do exactly what you want. If you want a day doing nothing, you can do it. If you want to have lunch a bit later, that’s fine you don’t have to adhere to a hotel’s lunch schedule.

It’s true that you can get some of these benefits renting an airbnb but owning your own South West holiday home really gives you the freedom and authority to do what you want with your time in a location you really own.

You can take creature comforts with you

We say this a lot at Encore Parcs but we can never stress it enough, our holiday homes are homes away from home for our customers. You have complete control over how you decorate, design and layout our holiday homes which means you can bring whatever creature comforts you want with you.

We’re not an airbnb. You’re not staying in someone else’s house, this is your home where you can truly relax and make it your own. Unlike a package holiday abroad, you’ve got the whole car boot to bring games, toys and creature comforts so you can really enjoy your holiday away.

It’s budget friendly

A caravan holiday or a trip away to a holiday lodge is often cheaper than an all inclusive package holiday. If you decide to buy a holiday lodge you can reap the benefits in the long term through rental. Not to mention it’s an easy getaway for you whenever you want it.

When you go on a family vacation to your holiday home you save money on flights and transfers and you can bring a lot of your food with you. So home cooks rejoice as you don’t have to eat out every evening at expensive restaurants. You can create delicious meals for your whole family straight from your holiday home kitchen.

3 reasons the South West is a great place to go on a caravan holiday

The South West of England has loads of things to do for an adventurous family. The area is beautiful and the sun is out most days which makes it the perfect place to go exploring. Below we’ve listed our 3 main reasons why we think the South West makes an amazing caravan holiday.

It has great nature

There’s no shortage of natural wonders on display in the South West of England. Whether you’re after pristine beaches and coves, or rolling moorland and cliff top walks there’s something for everyone.

It’s no secret that the South West has some of the best beaches in England. And along with them beaches comes bird watching, surfing and rock pooling. All great activities to do with the family.

Devon is also home to Dartmoor National Park, 368 square mile of rugged but beautiful moorland. Perfect for a day out with the family. This along with the Roseland Heritage Coast, and East Devon’s area of outstanding natural beauty mean you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to taking a day trip into nature.

There’s an abundance of historic cities

If you’d like to take a break from the countryside and coast the South West has no shortage of historic cities and towns for you to enjoy. The jewels in the area’s crown are Bristol and Bath. The former is a masterclass in Georgian architecture and early modern history whilst Bath takes those themes and adds some Roman baths for good measure.

For those further down the coast Plymouth and Exeter both have varied and storied histories to uncover. Take a trip to Exeter cathedral or enjoy Plymouth marina. Whatever you want to do on a city break in the South West the area has you covered.

You can try amazing food

There’s no shortage of amazing food in the South West of England. The area has a proud culinary tradition, not surprisingly based around the sea. With many seaside restaurants, cafés, bars and takeaways you can find something for everyone’s taste. Whether you like fine dining or cheap-and-cheerful food you won’t be struggling to get a meal with fish being brought in daily from the harbours and getting sent straight into the restaurants.

If you’re not a fan of fish and seafood you can also find restaurants specialising in steaks and vegan plant-based menus too so no matter what your tastes you are in for a gastronomic treat when you visit the South West of England on a caravan holiday.

Are you looking to purchase a holiday home in the South West?

If you’re interested in owning a holiday home in the South West of England contact Encore Parcs today to arrange a viewing of one of our available homes. We have holiday parks in both Devon and Cornwall so we’re confident we can find the perfect holiday home for you.