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Hornbeam Country Park – the best place in Devon to buy a static caravan

Hornbeam Country Park – the best place in Devon to buy a static caravan

There’s no shortage of static caravan sites in the South West. It took you ages to whittle down the competition and settle on Hornbeam Country Park. After days of research and calls you’re finally on your way to the park with your family. You’re really excited to arrive there too.

The weather is great and you’ve got loads planned. With Cornwall next door and Devon on your doorstep there’s no shortage of things for you to do and places to go with your family.

You turn around in your car seat and ask the kids what they’re looking forward to doing. Surfing one replies, exploring in the forests another says gleefully. You look at your partner with a smile as they drive your car around a bend towards your Devon static caravan site.

“We’re going to have a great time” you say aloud to the whole car.

Devon is a popular tourist destination and is a great place for a British staycation too. With all the delights of Devon on your doorstep and Cornwall just a short drive away, you’re perfectly positioned to take advantage of all the South West has to offer. Heck, you could even take a day trip to Bristol if you fancied it.

If you’re looking for a great location that’ll let you explore all of the South West and give your family a great holiday home to relax in and recharge look no further than Hornbeam Country Park.

Why buy a holiday home at Hornbeam Country park?

Hornbeam Country Park sits on the Devon and Somerset border and is a serene retreat which is home to ancient farms and villages. The static caravan park is perfectly placed for exploring all the South West has to offer and day trips to Cornwall and Somerset are as easy as jumping in the car.

Hornbeam is a haven for wildlife lovers too. It has easy access to woodland trails and walks that can turn up all manner of critters. The area is especially great for bird watchers and those looking for a peaceful, truly relaxing, country retreat.

The park itself is situated on the edge of the beautiful Blackdown Hills and it overlooks inspirational and picturesque landscapes. The caravan park is perfect for solo holidaymakers, couples looking for a romantic retreat or family’s ready to explore the South West.

What makes our holiday homes so great?

We work hand in hand with some of the leading park home manufacturers in Europe to create groundbreaking holiday homes that’ll give your family the best holiday possible.

Our holiday homes can be built to your specifications and you can choose everything from the work surfaces to the bathroom tiles. All which will be designed by our experienced team of craftsmen. Our homes are typically around 800sq ft and have all the appliances you could want from a modern home.

All our homes for sale demonstrate the height of luxury living whilst the park and it’s surroundings offer an enviable countryside lifestyle.

Hornbeam Country Park is open 12 months a year for holiday & recreational use.

Why Devon is such a great family holiday destination

Devon has a lot to offer the whole family. Whether you’re only staying for a weekend at Hornbeam Country park or for a fortnight there’ll always be something else to do or see for you and the family. Below we’ve listed our reasons why we think Devon is a great holiday location for your entire family.

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to great days out

There’s so much to do in Devon we could have written an entire article just on the sights to see and places to go. Whether your thing is nature walks, maritime history or great food you’ll find an activity for everyone in Devon.

If there’s any animal lovers amongst your family Exmoor Zoo is a must visit. It’s home to the only Black Leopard in the UK. Another must see destination for animal lovers is the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth, the largest aquarium in the country.

Sticking with the animal them you can always head to The Big Sheep amusement park (yes, it’s an amusement park based around sheep) for a fun day out. Another leisure park you can visit is the Woodland Leisure Park in Totnes which has 60 acres of rides, pottery studios, play areas and even a small zoo.

If you want a more historical trip there’s no shortage of historic, archaeological sites and museums to visit. Powederham Castle is just outside Exeter and is surrounded by its own lovely deer park.

This is just a taste of the things you can do in Devon. So, whatever kind of day out you are planning as part of your holiday, Devon is sure to offer something suitable.

Devon’s beaches are some of the best in the UK

There’s a reason UK families flock to the South West every year when the sun is out. That’s because the area plays host to some of the best beaches in the UK. Devon is lucky to have both a North and South Coastline which means there’s plenty of beaches to choose from and none are too far away from Hornbeam Country Park.

Popular beaches like Woolacombe also have cafés, bars and restaurants along their coastlines so a trip to the beach can also include a hot meal and an ice cold drink (although picnics are totally allowed too).

Another, quieter beach you might want to visit is Barricane beach and in the South of Devon Bantham beach is also a great day trip.

Devon has more than just beaches to offer visitors too. There are loads of charming coastal towns and villages to explore like Hope Cove and most beaches offer reliable surfing conditions making it a great place to take the family for their first surfing lessons.

Dartmoor National Park is right on your doorstep

You can’t go to Devon and not be aware of Dartmoor National Park. It spans 368 square miles and takes up a sizeable chunk of the Devon landscape. No matter where you’re going in Devon chances are you’ll need to go around it, or through it.

And if you’re passing by that frequently you might as well visit it too. No trip to Devon can be complete without visiting Dartmoor National park for a day or two. The rolling countryside and moors are perfect when the sun is out and the weather’s great.

The national park is a patchwork of moorland, granite tors and rushing rivers which are all home to an abundance of native wildlife including otters, adders (yikes) and cuckoos. If you want a family day out hiking or biking Dartmoor is the perfect location.

Devon has some great cities to explore too

If you fancy a break from nature and amusement parks you can take a short car ride from Hornbeam Country Park and land in either Exeter or Plymouth. Together they make up the two biggest settlements in Devon and each has something unique to offer holiday makers and visitors.

If your family heads to Exeter you can marvel at the Cathedral (the only on in the county) or enjoy the rides at Crealy Great Adventure Park. If you’d like to do something a bit more relaxing you can walk around the Rougemont Gardens which once were part of Exeter castle’s defences.

A day trip to Plymouth will be centered much more around the sea. The city has loads of lovely marinas to enjoy where you can have a meal with the whole family and watch the sun go down. The yachts in the harbour make a great spectacle too.

The weather is (normally) better than elsewhere

When it comes to UK weather it’s best to be cautious. The weather can be sunny one minute and raining cats and dogs the next. No matter where you are in the country this is always a possibility but you can minimise your risk of an unexpected rainstorm by heading to the South West of England.

If you’re planning a UK holiday and want the maximum sun Devon is probably your best bet. As one of the most southern places in the country the climate is a lot warmer than the North and the thermometer often stays around the mid-twenties during June, July and August.

If you’re going away on a summer holiday you want it to be sunny right? And all of the activities on this list would be much more fun when it’s 25 degrees outside. You might get the odd rain shower but we think the best way to explore Devon is in the sun and thankfully its sunny most of the time.

Are you looking for a Devon holiday home?

If you’re on the lookout for a holiday home in Devon contact Encore Parcs today to arrange a viewing at Hornbeam Country Park. Alternatively, you can see all our available properties in Devon on our website here.