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Treat yourself to something special this Christmas: your very own home by the sea

Treat yourself to something special this Christmas: your very own home by the sea

The salt in the air, the gentle sound of lapping waves, the gulls above your head. These are all things we dream of experiencing when we own our very own home by the sea. A seaside home is something a lot of people desire. The opportunity to get back to nature and enjoy a peaceful life. Your own little bolthole away from the busy world.

For many people that dream is becoming a reality. Holiday homes are no longer reserved for the super rich. More and more UK citizens are buying holiday lodges in British seaside towns and they’re bringing back the Great British Staycation.

Benidorm is out and Cornwall, Devon and Northern Ireland are in. and with Christmas on the horizon there’s no better time to treat yourself, your family or a loved one to a second home by the sea.

In this article we share why we think a holiday home by the sea is an amazing purchase and we’ll let you know where you can find a luxury holiday lodge next to a peaceful ocean.

Why a holiday home by the sea is an amazing purchase

There’s something uniquely special about a holiday home by the sea. Lots of people have second homes in the countryside or in a holiday town but to have a home by the sea has a special vibe to it.

You know the owner wants a relaxing, peaceful escape from the world and that’s why, for the right person, a holiday home by the sea is an amazing purchase. We’ve listed a few reasons below why we think a holiday home by the sea is an amazing purchase:

It’s peaceful

If you want a quiet, peaceful and atmospheric holiday home choosing one by the sea is a good idea. Free from distractions you can gaze out across the ocean and contemplate life.

You can take a stroll along the sand or dunes by your home, read by the sea or go for a paddle. Your very own holiday home by the sea lets you do all this distraction free from tourists and other holiday makers.

You can visit your holiday home whenever you want

One of the best things about owning a UK holiday home is that it’s just a short drive away. You don’t need to find your passport, buy some insurance and book a flight just to enjoy a peaceful weekend away; you can simply hop in the car and be on holiday in a few short hours.

If you’ve had a tough week at work or want an impromptu romantic getaway you can simply hop in the car and go to your happy place. This is perfect for spontaneous people who just want to be able to relax at a moment’s notice.

Great for adventure

The seaside might be a peaceful getaway but it’s also great for adventuring too. Coastal walks, cove exploring and watersports are all things that are literally on your doorstep when you live by the sea. If you want a seaside break with a bit of action then purchasing a holiday home right on the coast is a great way to get in amongst the action whenever you want too.

Great for entertaining

Whilst it is true that seaside holidays homes are great for a relaxing, peaceful retreat they can also be amazing party destinations for you and your friends. There’s nothing quite like a seaside barbeque or a picnic on the beach. Entertaining friends in your holiday home is another option and you can all watch the sun go down over the ocean after a lovely meal.

Seaside holiday homes are great for anything you want to use them for. A relaxing getaway, an adventure base or as a party house. Being next to the sea lets you do all these things and have a great time while you’re at it.

Looking for a holiday home by the sea? Check out our available homes

We own several seaside holiday parks at Encore Parcs. We have parks up and down the country and homes to suit anybody’s budget and requirements. So, whether you’re looking for a home that faces the starkly beautiful Irish sea or one that get a lot of sun in the South West of England there’s a home for you at Encore Parcs. Check out our holiday parks below:

Willow Bay Country Park – Cornwall

Willow Bay Country Park is the perfect seaside holiday park for exploring Cornwall. Just a stone’s throw away from the sea the park has easy access to the coast and inland towns. This makes it a great base for enjoying all Cornwall has to offer.

Hornbeam Country Park – Devon

Located in East Devon Hornbeam Country Park overlooks some amazing countryside. Being in Devon means it’s not far from the sea and a short drive will get you to either the North or South coast of the county.

Cloughey Holiday Park – Northern Ireland

Positioned right on the East coast of Northern Ireland’s Ards Peninsula, Cloughey Holiday Park is literally by the sea. It gets its name from the sleepy village that sits right beside the park, Cloughey has the perfect holiday homes for those looking for a relaxing retreat from the world.

Windsor Holiday Park – Northern Ireland

Just a 10 minute drive from Bangor, Windsor Holiday Park is located in Groomsport and faces the wild and rugged Hebrides. If you want a seaside holiday home in a blustery, beautiful area of the country that’s also right next to a vibrant town our Windsor park holiday homes are the perfect fit for you.

Ballyhalbert Holiday Park – Northern Ireland

Our last holiday park in Northern Ireland, Ballyhalbert has all you could want from a luxury holiday park that’s also by the sea. With a mini-golf course, ice cream parlor and clubhouse Ballyhalbert’s holiday homes are best suited for people who want a bit of adventure by the sea.

Are you ready to purchase your holiday home by the sea?

If you’re looking for the perfect holiday home by the sea look no further than Encore Parcs. We operate multiple seaside and coastal holiday parks and we’re always adding new homes to our sites that are perfect for people looking for a seaside getaway.

You can view all our holiday parks here or contact us if you’d like to arrange a viewing and discuss your holiday home requirements.