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Gloucestershire holiday parks – why a caravan holiday in the Forest of Dean is a great family get away

Gloucestershire holiday parks – why a caravan holiday in the Forest of Dean is a great family get away

The shadows and sunlight from the forest canopy create an ever-changing pattern on your car bonnet as you drive down the road to visit the Gloucestershire holiday park where you’ve just purchased a luxury static caravan.

The kids are fidgeting in the back seat, they’re excited to go and explore the woods. You and your partner can’t wait to go and relax on the decking of your static caravan. Maybe open a bottle of wine and see what this Forest of Dean holiday park has to offer.

Out of all the static caravan parks in Gloucestershire, you’re glad you chose this one. You haven’t even left your car yet and already the neighbours are waving at you. The weather is amazing and you can smell the fresh woodland air in your nostrils. There’s plenty to do around this Forest of Dean holiday park too, you haven’t even scratched the surface of all the activities you and the family can get up too.

You pull up to your caravan and look at it in wonder. It looks even better in real life. You squeeze your partner’s hand and say “this is going to be the best family holiday ever”.

If this sounds like the type of family holiday you’d like to have every year, or multiple times a year, there’s no limit to how many times you can visit a Encore Parcs holiday home, then purchasing a static caravan at our Whitebeam holiday park in the Forest of Dean (or anywhere in the South West) could be a great option for you.

In this article we’ll explain why our caravans are so great, what makes a woodland holiday really special and we’ll list all the fun things you can do in the surrounding area.

Why buy a holiday home at our Whitebeam Country Park?

We’ll be opening Whitebeam Country Park very soon. The 12 acre 5 star lodge development is based in the heart of the Royal Forest of Dean and will contain only 22 luxury holiday homes. Talk about exclusive.

Whitebeam Country Park straddles the three counties of: Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Monmouthshire and it’s just 2 miles east of the Welsh border. The site itself is elevated and offers tranquil walks and amazing views of the surrounding areas. The park itself is also an absolute delight. Situated in the forest your cabin will be amongst the trees and wildlife of one of Britain’s most ancient forests.

This Forest of Dean holiday park is just a stone’s throw away from the Wye Valley, an area of outstanding natural beauty. For lovers of nature and heritage there’s no better place than Whitebeam Country Park. You can take a tour around the local cider orchards or fish and canoe in the rivers and streams surrounding the forest. The forest is also home to many ancient trees that have lived for thousands of years. You can watch wildlife, go biking, hike and follow the forest’s sculpture trails. There’s something to do for everyone in this Gloucestershire holiday park and it’s perfect for every age.

You’ll also find museums, castles and picturesque unspoilt villages in the Forest of Dean with plenty of foodie spots in each village to satisfy the most gastronomically inclined Gloucestershire holiday park visitor.

What makes our holiday homes so great?

We work hand in hand with some of the leading park home manufacturers in Europe to create groundbreaking holiday homes that’ll put our Forest of Dean holiday park on the map.

Our holiday homes can be built to your specifications and you can choose everything from the work surfaces to the bathroom tiles. All which will be designed by our experienced team of craftsmen. Our homes are typically around 800sq ft and have all the appliances you could want from a modern home.

All our homes for sale demonstrate the height of luxury living whilst the park and it’s surroundings offer an enviable countryside lifestyle.

Whitebeam Country Park will be open 12 months a year for holiday & recreational use.

Why the Forest of Dean is a great family getaway

A family holiday in a forest is truly a unique experience. There’s no other family holiday which will get you as close to nature as living in an actual forest. You get to experience the joys of listening to owls at night or getting woken up by bird songs in the morning. Forests are great to explore on your own or with the whole family. Below we’ve listed a few reasons why we think a holiday in a forest is great for the whole family.

Explore nature with the kids

If you live in the city, a holiday in a forest could be a really welcome change. If your kids have never seen a squirrel or fox before this experience could be transformative for them. Getting out in nature and looking at the plants and animals will show them a side of life they may never have seen.

An understanding of nature also gives children a better understanding of where things like food comes from and by exploring it together and sharing your knowledge with them it can be a great bonding experience.

Play make believe and spark their imaginations

Whether it’s Peter Pan, Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter woodland is a great place to let your imagination run wild. Turn off the devices for a couple of hours and take your kids out into the woods to play a few games, maybe build a fort and get their imaginations turning.

Heck, you might turn into a big kid too whilst you’re at it. If you want to show your kids the joys and creativity of playing outdoors our Forest of Dean holiday park is a great place to do it.

Get some serious exercise in with a bike ride or walk

Our Gloucestershire holiday park is right near a load of hiking and bicycle routes that are great for people of all ages and skill levels. A family hike or bike ride is a great way for the whole family to bond as well as a sneaky way to get in some exercise and get the kids’ hearts racing.

Doing activities like this as a family also create lovely family memories and moments you can treasure for years to come.

Let the whole family relax

Forests are naturally calming and de-stressing places. Being so close to nature soothes the soul and after an action packed day of activities just enjoying the serene peace of nature can leave you and your family recharged and rejuvenated.

Where to go during your stay at the Whitebeam Country Park

There’s plenty to see and do around our Gloucestershire holiday park. Whether your thing is nature walks, history days or adventure activities there’s something for everyone. Below we’ve listed a few of our favourite activities to do in the Forest of Dean area.

Go Ape

A must do for any thrill seekers in the family. Go Ape is a chain of adventure parks in the UK that take people through tree top walks complete with rope bridges, ziplines and swings. If you want a family bonding activity that’ll push you all to the limit and really get that teamwork flowing then this should be a must do activity for you.

Harts Barn Cookery School

A cookery school for all ages if you want your family members to become the next Jamie Olivers or Nigella Lawsons this is the best place to get started. Harts Barn Cookery School welcomes people of all skills and ages to do hands-on cookery classes. They also run dedicated activities for children and supper clubs too.

Symonds Yat

If you’re looking for a free day out that’ll get the heart racing look no further than a walk up Symonds Yat. The walk to the top gives you plenty of opportunity to spot local wildlife, take in an ancient hillfort and lets you see a lot of the forest too. And the icing on the cake is the view at the top. The vantage point overlooks the River Wye and is internationally recognised as a great view.


A filming location for many major films including Star Wars, Puzzlewood is an enchanted woodland that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Visitors can explore the wood and look out for tiny critters while the kids can try out the racing track and outdoor playground.

Do you want to own a piece of the Forest of Dean?

If a holiday in the Forest of Dean sounds like the perfect getaway for you then contact Encore Parcs today and we can discuss your holiday home requirements. You can contact us here or view all our holiday parks on this page.