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Why Forest of Dean holidays are special for the whole family

Why Forest of Dean holidays are special for the whole family

There’s really nothing quite like a family holiday.

Yes, the kids might become a bit of a handful. And yes, things can get a little stressful. But all those negatives melt away when you realise you’re making memories and having a great time with your family.

There’s only a certain amount of time you can utilise to go on family holidays. Once the kids start getting too old they’ll be more interested in holidays with friends or festivals than spending time with Mum and Dad.

That’s why you need to get as many in as you can. And we think a Forest of Dean family holiday is the best place to go if you want a fun filled week away with the kids. Holidaying in a forest is a truly unique experience and the woodland provides something for all your family to enjoy.

So if you’re on the look out for a family staycation with a difference consider a Forest of Dean holiday (or just a holiday in the South West of England). In this article we’ll share what’s on offer in the forest for the whole family.

The Forest of Dean, a brief history

The Forest of Dean has a long and storied history, there’s adventure around every turn. There’s evidence of human occupation that dates back to the stone age. For those interested in our distant past you can find megalithic (middle stone age) monuments near Staunton and Wibdon, Stroat in the forest.

The area was occupied by the Romans from around 50AD and, like most people who can after them, were drawn to the forest by its abundance of natural resources. The ‘Dean Road’ which is still visible at Soudley is believed to be a medieval reconstruction of a Roman road used to transport iron out the area. The Romans also began protecting the center of the forest to use as a hunting ground. That practice continued right through the middle ages.

After the Romans left the UK (Their Forest of Dean holiday was over) ownership of the forest passed from Kingdom to Kingdom until the Norman invasion of 1066. It’s around this time that the area was first called the Forest of Dean and was used by the nobility as their personal hunting grounds.

The forest has a wealth of natural resources. The tudors used the woods as a source of food for the royal court. Timber from the forest was perceived as being some of the best in the land and used to build ships.

Iron ore is another profitable resource that the Forest of Dean contains. Miners from the forest helped King Edward I win a siege by undermining the enemies walls. As a reward, he granted them free mining rights to the entire forest. Something their descendants hold to this day.

The forest has had a long and interesting history. You can uncover and become part of that story by being one of the many people who holiday in the Forest of Dean.

Why forests are a great family get away

Forest of Dean holidays are like no other get away in the UK. A woodland holiday is a truly unique experience for the whole family. It’s also one you can all enjoy. Whether you’re doing something together or spending time alone.

Unlike package holidays and all inclusives there’s no strict schedule to a forest holiday. You can do what you want, when you want. You don’t need to worry about missing the hotel breakfast or running around a crowded city. Your diary is free for a week and you can just relax and get back to nature.

Forest of Dean holidays are also great places to bond and grow with your family. With minimal distractions and beautiful scenery on your doorstep you can enjoy a relaxed holiday together.

Finally, forests give families the opportunity to do things together or enjoy some time alone. Woods are a great place to get lost or take some time away from everything and read a book. You can have a fun filled morning with your family and then spend the afternoon on a solo walk or relaxing in nature.

Forest holidays are perfect for the whole family and there really is something for everyone no matter what age you are. We’ve listed the reasons your family members will enjoy a forest getaway below.

Why do Dads love Forest of Dean holidays?

Hiking and barbecues are probably the 2 main reasons. A forest of Dean holiday let’s dads take some time to perfect that next big food project they’ve been working on. 5 day beef brisket? You never get a better time than now.

Also with an abundance of nature on their door step dads can take the kids out exploring, rambling and nature watching. A great opportunity to flex their naturalist muscles and teach their kids about the world while they’re at it.

What does Mum get out of a Forest of Dean holiday?

Bike rides, runs and walking. Mum’s can take the kids out for some exercise and show them the joys of the countryside from the back of a bike. If the kids are a little bit older, a morning run in the mist could be the perfect way to get them energised and ready to enjoy the day.

Seclusion and relaxing are also big parts of a forest holiday and mums can enjoy some time alone in the woods when they need a break.

What does your eldest child get out of a forest holiday?

When they’re in their teenage years the idea of a family holiday isn’t too appealing for teenagers but a forest holiday gives them the space they want and lets them do their own thing.

Forests are big places and teenagers can spend the afternoon relaxing on their own or making friends before heading back to your holiday home for dinner and an evening with the family.

Why does your middle child love a forest holiday with the family?

For your middle child the forest is one big playground. The trees, streams and meadow can feed their imaginations and before you know it they’ll be running all over the wood, playing with friends and having a great time.

Your youngest child will love a family trip to the forest. Here’s why

For your youngest child this might be the first time they’ve been on holiday and it’s a great way for them to explore the wonders of nature with you, their parents.

They’ll get to see you outside your traditional roles as parents and you can explore the woods with them and teach them all about the world.

Forest of Dean holidays: are you ready for the family trip of a lifetime?

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