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Buy your own holiday home in Devon and have half term holidays covered for life!

Buy your own holiday home in Devon and have half term holidays covered for life!

“Oh shoot” you say as you flip through your kitchen calendar.

It’s half term next month and you’ve got nothing planned. The last thing you want is to be stuck at home all week with your partner and kids but it’s a bit late to plan a holiday now.

You have some friends who go on static caravan holidays in Devon, maybe they’re not using their luxury mobile home this half term.

You pick up the phone and give your friend a call. Nervous you start twiddling your fingers, they pick up, you ask if you can rent their Devon static caravan…

And they say yes.

“Phew” you sigh out loud “That was close”.

They did mention there were still some Devon static caravans for sale on their site too. The more you think about it the more the idea appeals to you. You’ve essentially got bank holidays and half terms covered for life. And the Luxury caravans are in Devon, an amazing part of the country.

You decide you’ll rent your friends home this bank holiday and use the vacation as a way to research your own luxury Devon caravan.

Lots of families start caravanning this way and what starts as a cheap staycation often turns into a regular holiday getaway the whole family can enjoy every year. The benefits to buying your own home are great. In this article we’ll explain why purchasing your own home is the best idea if you want guaranteed half term holidays and we’ll look at why Devon is a lovely place for your home away from home.

Why is buying your home better than renting?

You might be thinking “Why don’t I just rent a static holiday home in Devon whenever I need one?”.

Some people do, and that setup works well for them, but they are missing out on the many benefits that come with owning your own luxury caravan in Devon. We’ve listed those benefits below:

Your Devon static caravan will pays for itself over time

We mean this in two ways. Firstly your caravan’s costs will reduce the longer you own it. Once you’ve got the deposit out the way the yearly upkeep costs and mortgage are likely going to be less than the cost of 2 or 3 family holidays a year. Especially if those holiday’s are abroad.

If you tally up the expenses of going abroad against owning a luxury static home you’ll likely find you’re saving money every year when you’re not jet-setting off to Spain or Italy. Add to that the relative cheapness of getting to your static caravan in Devon and you can have 4 or 5 holidays a year instead of just the 2.

The second way a static caravan pays for itself over time is as follows. The good times you’ll have with your family means your static caravan holidays in Devon will become places where you make lasting family memories year after year.

You can’t put a price on happiness and the amount of joy you’ll get from one family holiday away in your own luxury static caravan will pay for the mobile home 10 times over.

You can rent it out to earn additional income

We haven’t even mentioned the possibility of renting out your luxury Devon caravan to other people looking to enjoy a static caravan holiday in Devon. You’re not going to be there every day of the year which means you can rent out your home to other holiday makers to cover the site costs and mortgage.

Not everyone likes to do this. They want their holiday home to be just theirs. But for those looking to make an extra few quid or just looking to cover their site costs it’s a great way to further reduce the costs of your static caravan and pocket the difference.

It’s yours whenever you want it so, no stress

When you own your Devon static caravan you can use it whenever you want. You don’t need to book ahead or deal with a holiday agent; it’s your forever. If you want a last minute holiday you can go straight there. If the weather’s looking good on the weekend and you’ve got nothing on your calendar you better believe you’re heading to Devon.

School holidays, half terms, Christmas breaks all can be enjoyed from your Devon static caravan when you own it.

What makes Devon a great place to buy a holiday home?

Owning your own holiday home in Devon doesn’t just give you a guaranteed vacation destination you can visit whenever you want, the county is also one of the best places you can visit in the UK. Here are a few reasons why:

Family friendly

Devon is a family friendly county with lots to do for kids of all ages. Family static caravan holidays in Devon can be beach holidays one day and woodland walks the next. You can explore ancient cities and check out fun, family attractions. No matter the age of your kids there’s something for everyone on a family caravan holiday in Devon.

Lovely locals

Devon locals are a friendly, welcoming bunch that are always happy to see tourists enjoying their beautiful county. You’ll be made to feel right at home by everyone from pub landlords, waiters and people on the street. If you want a staycation destination where the populous make you feel like you’ve lived there for decades, Devon is the place to go.

Great location

Devon sits right in the middle of the South West. You can reach Cornwall, Dorset or travel up to Bristol or Wales for a day out. The breadth of scenery and sites just a drive away makes it the perfect place to buy your own Devon static caravan. If you want a holiday home that can be a base to see all of the South West then buying in Devon is a great choice.

Devon static caravans, a great half term getaway?

If you want an easy getaway for half terms that won’t cost you an arm and a leg check out the Devon holiday homes we have for sale at Encore Parcs. If you’re interested in purchasing a holiday home you can contact us here to arrange a viewing.