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Caravan holidays Devon: Why autumn is the perfect time for a coastal holiday

Caravan holidays Devon: Why autumn is the perfect time for a coastal holiday

Caravan holidays Devon! They are some of the best holidays you’ll ever go on. We may be slightly biased, we do run several South West holiday parks after all. But a family trip away to the coast this autumn is a great way to connect and recharge after a hectic summer.

Devon is a UK staycation hotspot but it can get pretty busy in the summer months. Taking an autumnal break by the seaside might not, at first, sound like a great idea but the coast has loads to offer in autumn (and it may be quiet enough to actually find a place on the beach).

We think autumnal coastal breaks are a great idea and we also think Devon is the best place to experience one. Caravan holidays in Devon are one of the best ways to enjoy an autumnal beach holiday. In this article we’re going to explain why caravan holidays in Devon are so great and why autumn is the best time to visit the coast.

What makes caravan holidays in Devon so great?

There are loads of reasons why Devon is one of the UKs most sought after holiday hotspots. The county is situated in a beautiful area of the country and probably (fingers-crossed) gets some of the best weather in the UK.

It goes without saying then that it’s a busy tourist destination every year and rightly so. Below we’ve listed the 5 reasons why Devon makes a great caravan holiday:

The weather is excellent

The South West of England is known for its amazing weather and even in autumn the temperature is likely to be markedly warmer than the rest of the UK. If you want a warm autumn holiday without the expense of going overseas then a trip to Devon is a must.

The beaches are stunning

What’s a sunny holiday without a sandy beach? It’s like strawberries without cream or cheese without crackers. It just doesn’t work. Luckily Devon has loads of amazing beaches both on its North and South coast. For us, autumn is the perfect time to visit as the beaches are a lot quieter after the summer holiday rush.

It might not be perfect sunbathing weather but coastal walks are still great and if you want a dip in the ocean you can dive right in.

You’re in control on a caravan holiday

Caravan holidays in Devon put you in charge of your holiday experience. You don’t have to adhere to an all-inclusive hotel’s lunch time schedule. You can go where you want, when you want and make the memories you want while you’re at it.

Caravan holidays are all about freedom and experiencing things on your own terms and Devon is one of the best places in the country to get lost in your own adventure.

The county has something for everyone

Whether you’re after beautiful coastal beaches, world-renowned national parks (Devon is home to Dartmoor National Park), areas of historic interest or amazing food and drink Devon has it all.

No matter what you’re into you’ll find something you’ll like in Devon. It’s really a destination the whole family can enjoy. Forget family arguments about where the next holiday should be, you can all go to Devon and find your own perfect slice of relaxation.

You can truly relax

Caravan holidays in Devon are great if you just want to relax. You’ve essentially got a home away from home for a few days or a week and you don’t need to worry about ruining an Airbnb host’s carpets or walls. You can kick back and relax. Follow your own schedule and just go with the flow.

Why is autumn the best time to visit the coast?

There are two main reasons to go on a coastal holiday in autumn: it’s cooler and quieter. If you’re set on a holiday where you’re worshipping the sun 24/7 then a coastal getaway in autumn might not be the best for you. But if you enjoy atmospheric walk, bracing weather and a chance to relax and take in the world on your own, then an autumnal coastal holiday could be right up your street.

Caravan holidays in Devon give you all this. The cooler, more blustery weather makes beach walking the perfect activity. Natural swimmers out there might be keen to take a dip too. Devon in autumn is still warm and whilst you might not be able to sunbathe you can still enjoy a picnic on the beach.

The autumn months are quieter too. There’s less tourists in the area which means you can really enjoy your surroundings with no people disturbing your peace. If you want a relaxing caravan getaway by the sea then autumn is the best time to go.

Are you ready for an autumnal coastal getaway?

Looking to pack your bags and getaway to the coast this autumn? Whether you want to relax in a seaside bar with a beer, go surfing on some choppy autumn waters or have a lovely family picnic on the beach, Devon is probably the best county in the UK if you want to do all that.

In our opinion, the best way to see this beautiful part of the world is from your own luxury static caravan. If you’d like to purchase a home in Devon you can see our available mobile homes here or contact us to arrange a viewing.