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5 of Cornwall&#8217;s hidden gems!

Cornwall is a fantastic place to visit. And we have a great selection of static homes in Cornwall available to buy if you want to make it your preferred holiday selection.

But everyone knows how fantastic Cornwall is and so it can get quite busy. However, there are still some little hidden spots you can find in Cornwall that tend to be a little quieter and are part of unspoilt Cornwall.

If you’re looking for some hidden gems in Cornwall, here are 5 of our favourites.

1. Hell’s Mouth, Godrevy Heritage Coast

If you aren’t afraid of heights and love a dramatic landscape then a 300 ft sheer drop named Hell’s Mouth might be just the place for you to visit. Stand on the edge to gaze into the cove at the waves below for some seriously untamed beauty.

The picturesque Godrevy Lighthouse isn’t too far away so if you like to keep your walks a little tamer you can always just head here. You’re likely to see seabirds swooping around but if you’re lucky, you could spot a seal or two as well.

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2. Halliggye Fogou, Trelowarren Estate

If being up high isn’t your thing then how about down low? Fogous (pronounced foogoos) are subterranean tunnels unique to Cornwall. The word fogou, in Cornish, literally means ‘cave’ and these tunnels were constructed about 2400 years ago. The Halliggye Fogou consists of a long narrow passageway, with other smaller tunnels leading off but nobody actually knows why these man-made structures were ever built! It can get a little spooky so maybe go in pairs!

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3. Portwrinkle & Finnygook Beach, Whitsand Bay

Fancy visiting a bay with some rich history? It’s the place where infamous smugglers Silas Finn and Amram Hooper were once caught ‘red-handed’ with a cargo of brandy, tea and tobacco. It’s said that Silas’ ghost still haunts the beach to this day! Even if you don’t believe in all that, the place is simply a beautiful place to visit and is a lot quieter and less well-known than its neighbour Polperro.

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4. Men-an-Tol

Men-an-Tol is a unique spot in Cornwall filled with huge, awe-inspiring standing stones. They’re believed to date all the way back to the Bronze Age and legend has it that these stones have strong connections with fertility myths. It was once supposed that should a woman pass through the doughnut-shaped stone seven times in the light of a full moon, she would fall pregnant. We’re not sure how true that is but consider yourself forewarned! They really are a sight to behold and definitely worth a visit to the South West.

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5. Veryan Round Houses

The village of Veryan is famous for its unusual round houses which are dotted about the village. The five 18th-century cottages are said to have been the work of Jeremiah Trist, Veryan’s vicar, who built one for each of his five daughters. According to local folklore, the houses are round so that there are no corners for the devil to hide in.

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