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3 reasons why autumn is the best time to visit Berkshire

3 reasons why autumn is the best time to visit Berkshire

Leaf strewn paths, warming pubs, brisk autumnal walks. Just a few reasons why you should visit Berkshire in the autumn.

As the days get shorter and the weather cooler Berkshire is the perfect county to visit for a romantic couples getaway. You can trade the stress and anxiety of booking a European holiday for a relaxing weekend away in a beautiful part of England.

Yes, you could visit Berkshire at any time of the year but for us autumn is the best time to see all the county has to offer. As the seasons turn and the countryside becomes a mosaic of oranges, ambers, golds and auburn the historic towns of Berkshire become inviting dens of cosiness filled with amazing food, roaring fires, artisanal markets and lovely, independent shops.

The countryside has a lot to offer too whether it’s woodland trails, riverside walks or trips to stately homes you can get lost in the wild untamed parts of the county and see some amazing wildlife.

In our opinion, a visit to Berkshire is a great couples getaway and the best way to enjoy the county is from your own luxury static caravan. Whether you want to rent or buy a mobile home we have options for everyone at Encore Parcs.

Still unsure about whether you want to visit Berkshire? Read on to find out why we think autumn is the best time to visit the county and get our list of the best autumn activities you can do while you’re there.

3 reasons why autumn is the best time to visit Berkshire

Autumn might not strike you as the best time to visit Berkshire but we think the pre-winter months are some of the most beautiful and enjoyable months of the year. They offer so much that a hot summer can’t compete with and, unlike winter, you can still enjoy some time outside.

Autumn is a great month to get away with your partner and enjoy a luxury caravan getaway. We’ve listed 3 reasons why we love autumn below.

It’s quieter

With summer holiday season out the way and family’s back to their normal routines there’s less people on staycations and that makes the roads, campsites, holiday parks and town quieter. Perfect for a romantic getaway as a couple.

You can leave the kids with loved ones (or just take off if you don’t have any) and spend a wholesome weekend in each other’s company.

Booking restaurants, going for walks, having a nice pint in the pub. All are more relaxing when there’s less people around to interrupt your fun and Berkshire lets you do all three of these things wherever you are in the county.

Autumn has a certain feel to it

Autumn is hands down the cosiest season. Whether you’re sipping a spiced pumpkin latte, relaxing by a roaring fire or eating a heart warming autumn stew, there’s just something about autumn that makes it magical.

Perhaps it’s the days getting shorter or everyone moving inside to socialise but for a romantic getaway with your partner there’s no better time for a British staycation than autumn.

It’s not too hot

There’s nothing worse than arriving at a restaurant covered in sweat, or walking through a forest in the baking heat. We love the sun, don’t get us wrong, but if you want to have a magical weekend away in a luxury static caravan the last thing you want to be doing is sweating the whole time.

Autumn weather is brisk and bracing, the sharp blasts of air can invigorate and energise you and get you ready for the day. Autumn is a great time to visit Berkshire as the weather’s not too hot and encourages exploration and adventure. Yes it might rain, but that’s all part of the fun.

3 romantic things to do in Berkshire in the autumn

There’s plenty of things for couples to do when they visit Berkshire. As well as the standard meals out and evenings in the pub, the county boasts a lot of great activities that couples can do if they want something a bit different in their trip away.

Visit Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle is the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world and is the official residence of Her Majesty the Queen. It has a rich history that spans almost 1000 years. You can take a turn around the gardens which are beautiful in autumn before taking a guided tour of the ceremonial and historic rooms.

Take a Thames River Cruise boat trip in Caversham

Take a relaxing cruise up the Thames River (yes it does exist outside London) at Thames River Cruise in Caversham. See some amazing scenery and wildlife as you meander up the river.

Watch a play at Norden Farm Centre for the Arts in Maidenhead

Maidenhead is the home of Norden Farm Centre for the Arts. The centre is a theatre and entertainment venue with gigs, theatre, exhibitions, comedy, classical concerts and family shows. There’s something for everyone at the centre and it’s a perfect place for a romantic autumnal evening.

Ready to visit Berkshire this autumn?

If you’re planning to visit Berkshire Encore Parcs has several luxury mobile homes to buy. Our holiday park is situated just outside Newbury and is right in the heart of Berkshire so you’ll never be far away from your next day out or activity. If you’d like to rent a caravan or arrange a viewing to buy one you can contact us here.