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What are the new EU holiday home rules?

What are the new EU holiday home rules?

EU holiday home rules post-Brexit

Post-Brexit travel rules now mean UK expats can only stay for 90 days in their EU holiday homes.

As the UK officially left the EU on January 1st, Britons will now only be able to stay in a European country without a visa for a maximum of 90 days every six months. Around 500,000 Brits currently own a holiday home somewhere in Europe, but those who stay for longer than 90 days risk a fine or even a ban, and adhering to the rules makes it difficult for them to get value for money from their purchase.

Unless they apply for full residency in the EU country where they’ve bought their property, pay taxes there, and lose their NHS provision back home, they’ll have to leave their European holiday home and come back to the UK after 90 days and not return for six months.

As it stands if you want to spend longer than 90 days in the EU you must apply for a visa.

Buying holiday homes in the UK

Due to the Brexit chaos, purchasing a holiday home in the UK seems like quite the attractive prospect with many considering buying at home rather than abroad.

We’ve spoken previously about more people showing interest in buying holiday homes in the UK. Last year, research carried out by UK holiday park operator, Away Resorts, revealed that almost 40% of British holidaymakers had the funds to buy a holiday home and planned to do so, with Brexit being one of the driving factors in this.

We have a range of lovely new and used holiday homes in Northern Ireland that would make the perfect second home for you and your family, without having to deal with the rules and regulations relating to Brexit. In fact, there are many more benefits to buying a holiday home here rather than abroad.

Situated across various holiday parks across the beautiful landscape of County Down, our holiday homes are well worth the investment.

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