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Is Northern Ireland Safe To Visit?

Is Northern Ireland Safe To Visit?

Have you been wondering whether it’s safe to travel to Northern Ireland? You’re definitely not the only one. But don’t worry, we’re here to explain why Northern Ireland is safe to visit and why you should travel to this historic and beautiful region.

The history of Northern Ireland

Due to the complex history of Northern Ireland and the not too distant period of conflict known as The Troubles, many tourists have apprehension about travelling to the area.

Northern Ireland has been portrayed extensively in the media, but unfortunately what makes the news is chaos and conflict which has given people a certain idea of Northern Ireland which just isn’t true anymore.

Whilst it’s true that for a time, the division of Ireland between Catholics and Protestants, and Irish and British values and laws caused clashes and major disruption in the area, today it is a very peaceful and safe place to live.

In fact, it is the safest region of the U.K., and its capital, Belfast, is actually much safer to visit than other U.K. cities.

Is Northern Ireland safe for tourists?

Northern Ireland is extremely safe for tourists to visit. In fact, it has one of the lowest crime rates among industrialised countries.

According to statistics from the U.N. International Crime Victimisation Survey, Northern Ireland has one of the lowest crime rates in Europe.

Almost all visitors experience a problem-free trip and with so much security in place since The Troubles to prevent any conflict, it’s one of the most peaceful places to go. In fact, if you didn’t know anything about Northern Ireland’s history, unless you sought this information out on your trip, you probably would never even realise.

With that in mind, tourists are free and safe to explore and experience everything Northern Ireland has to offer – and it’s why people keep coming back!

Is Northern Ireland a friendly place?

The people of Northern Ireland are some of the most friendly and welcoming people on the planet. In fact, Northern Ireland was actually once voted the friendliest part of the UK!

Should you visit Northern Ireland?

If you’re looking for a welcoming, friendly place that has stunning scenery to enjoy and lots of shops, bars, cafes and restaurants to experience then you should definitely visit Northern Ireland!