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Holiday Homes in Northern Ireland are the perfect way to see the Ulster way

Holiday Homes in Northern Ireland are the perfect way to see the Ulster way

The wind at your back, the sea breeze on your face.

The smell of nature as you crest another hill or clamber up a sand dune.

These are just some of the joys of walking in Northern Ireland. With rugged countryside and beautiful windswept beaches there’s no shortage of great trails for walkers of all levels.

Many people decide to camp when they walk in Northern Ireland but we believe the best way to experience the country is via a holiday home in Northern Ireland and the best route to walk is the Ulster Way.

What is the Ulster Way?

The Ulster Way is the principle of walking in Northern Ireland. It’s a 625 mile route that snakes through all 6 counties of Northern Ireland. The route, devised by Wilfrid Capper MBE, was designed in 1946 and its goal was to provide a circular walking route around the whole of Northern Ireland.

It was originally planned to be a walking route between the ring of Youth Hostels which used to encircle Northern Ireland and it passes through some of the most dramatic scenery in the country.

The route has had several revisions since the 40s and in its current iteration the walk consists of 9 quality sections and 6 link sections.

Quality section

The Ulster way has 9 quality sections. These sections, as the name suggests, provide truly quality walking experiences. They are predominately off road and pass through areas of natural outstanding beauty. They are way-marked throughout their length.

Link section

These sections of the route are mainly on public roads and can be very busy with traffic. The Ulster way organisers highly recommend using public transport along these sections as it isn’t very fun walking down a road.

Why is a holiday home in Northern Ireland the best way walk the Ulster Way?

The Ulster way is a long walk. With it being 600 miles long it would take more than a week to walk it end to end. Many people choose to do this. They strap a tent on their back or book into hotels and do a leg a day until they’re all the way back where they started.

But we think there’s a better way to explore the Ulster Way. We think using holiday homes in Northern Ireland is a great way to experience the Ulster Way.

Whilst the route is long you can drive to any point on the Ulster Way in around 2 hours. This means it’s worth using a static caravan for your base of operations and driving out each day to complete. Exploring the Ulster Way from a holiday home means you don’t need to carry a tent with you or set a strict schedule and manage a lot of hotel bookings.

You can simply get up in the morning, drive to the leg of the walk you want to do and set off with no heavy rucksack or tent.

You also have the added benefit of getting back to proper bed at the end of the day and a working kitchen so you don’t need to eat any boil in the bag meals.

If the weather turns, no one wants to be stuck in a tent eating cold food while it rains outside. Using holiday homes in Northern Ireland as your base of operations will let you do more walking and have more fun while doing it.

Ready to walk the Ulster Way?

Are you ready to take on the Ulster Way? 600 miles of amazing walking isn’t for the faint hearted, but for those willing to take on the challenge there is no end to the amazing scenery you can see.

Holiday homes in Northern Ireland are, in our opinion, the best way to experience the Ulster Way. You can see our residential homes or get in touch if you’d like to arrange a viewing.