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Don’t sleep, holiday parks in Northern Ireland have seen a 350% jump in caravan holiday bookings

Don’t sleep, holiday parks in Northern Ireland have seen a 350% jump in caravan holiday bookings

Why didn’t I book it last month when you were looking at caravan holiday bookings?

How many times have you thought that when looking at holiday prices, plane tickets or rail journeys? Things will always get more expensive the closer you get to your time off so it pays to organise your vacation in good time.

Sometimes that isn’t possible though and you’ll find yourself left with steep prices right before leaving for your week off.

Not ideal.

The ongoing pandemic has meant this situation has happened to a lot of people looking at caravan holiday bookings and prices have gone up an eye-watering 350% in Northern Ireland! We explore why in this article.

Why have the bookings went up so much?

The caravan industry has had its fair share of ups and downs in the last 15 years. If you cast your minds back to 2006 caravans were actually the most searched and viewed items on eBay before the Ipod revolution led to tech being the dominant search categories.

Caravans and caravanning accessories have been pretty stable since then. With a loyal community of caravanners across the globe the hobby has shown no sign of going away.

The recent global pandemic however has led to a renewed interest in caravan holidays and holiday parks in Northern Ireland. Lots of people who have never really considered a caravanning holiday are now looking at holiday parks in Northern Ireland as a viable (if not they’re only) holiday destination.

Since the UK government announced the roadmap out of lockdown there’s been a 350% increase in bookings across Northern Ireland and the UK more generally.

UKcaravans4hire conducted some research and discovered the increased trend in caravan sales and bookings has increased across the UK with the South West of England being the frontrunner in bookings.

This demand has been felt in holiday parks in Northern Ireland too and at any caravan site near the coast or areas of natural beauty.

With no clear end to the pandemic in site and international travel probably off the cards until 2022 the boom in caravan bookings shows no signs of slowing down.

Caravans are back in fashion and here to stay!

How to secure a caravan booking

With demand so high it can feel almost impossible to secure a caravan booking, especially if you’re trying last minute. The key to success is in not giving up and persisting even when things don’t sound promising. Below we’ve listed a few quick tips for those trying to find holiday parks in Northern Ireland.

Get in early

Whilst this isn’t always possible the best way to book a caravan holiday is by doing it early. Instead of risking booking flights only for them to be cancelled when a country goes off the UK green list, get ahead of the rush early by booking a caravan well ahead of schedule.

Try multiple sites

There are loads of caravan sites in Northern Ireland. Encore Parcs owns multiple parks so make sure you check them all before deciding there isn’t a place for you to go on holiday. All our holiday parks in Northern Ireland are listed below:

Cloughy holiday park
Ballyhalbert holiday park
Windsor holiday park

Be flexible

With caravans so in demand at the moment it pays to be a bit flexible when it comes to deciding when to have your holiday. If you can take a short break in the middle of the week that might provide you with a better chance to get away.

Book now to avoid the rush

Ready to plan your next family get away and want to get your caravan booked in good time. Booking now with a date already decided will give you the best chance of securing a caravan you and your family can enjoy. Check out our available holiday parks in Northern Ireland today.