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Trailblazing in 2024: The Best Walks and Hikes Across the UK

Trailblazing in 2024: The Best Walks and Hikes Across the UK

As we bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new, what better way to embrace a fresh start than by embarking on a walk and taking in the beauty of the British countryside? For those seeking a perfect blend of luxury and adventure, our collection of exquisite lodges is strategically located near some of the best hiking trails in the country. Join us as we explore the best hikes for the New Year near our luxury lodges, where the allure of nature meets the comforts of opulent accommodations.

Dunwich Heath Pink Trail

Although it’s over an hour in the car from Aspen Country Park, this breathtaking walk is worth the drive. Nestled along the stunning Suffolk coast, Dunwich Heath unveils a masterpiece of natural beauty and biodiversity. Famed for its vibrant heather, the trail boasts breathtaking views. The trail’s wildlife population is also part of its appeal, with the Dartford Warbler calling the area its home. 

Donnington Castle

Just 15 minutes from Cherry Bird Country Park is Donnington Castle. Although a historic site in its own right, it is also the perfect area for a hike with stunning views aplenty. The hike also snakes through local woodlands which are home to a stunning array of wildflowers, heather and bluebells.  

Widemouth Bay

Just a 15-minute drive from Willow Bay Country Park is a beautiful 2-mile stretch of the Cornish coast. This spot is perfect for a stroll on the beach as well as the start of some gorgeous circular trails. The beach is also home to a diverse ecosystem in its rockpools, so it’s a great spot to observe some of Cornwall’s smaller inhabitants. 

Lynford Gorge

For a more challenging hike close to Willow Bay, Lynford Gorge is a perfect trail. The gorge, the deepest in the south-west, is complete with a temperate rainforest habitat. This interesting landscape has made it a Site of Special Scientific Interest, with an array of wild and plant life on display year-round. The gorge is also home to the Whitelady Waterfall – which reaches over 30 metres in height. 

Combe Woods

The area is known for its bluebells that spring up in early May, but this stretch of woodland is stunning year-round. Just a 10-minute drive from Hornbeam Country Park in Devon, Combe Woods is the perfect easy stroll for the entire family. The woods’ protection is part of a community project to protect areas within the Exmoor Natural Character area, so it’s a perfect place to take in the tranquil atmosphere of the Devon countryside.

Our lodges are located in some of the most beautiful areas in the country, perfect as a base for all of your adventures in nature. After embarking on a hike, you can relax effortlessly in a fully furnished lounge, or cook a hearty winter meal in a modern fitted kitchen. For your own piece of luxury in the British countryside, contact our team to book a viewing at one of our lodges.