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Why You Should Holiday In The Same Spot Every Year

Why You Should Holiday In The Same Spot Every Year

Your partner looks up from the map with you. We should just holiday in the same spot every year you think to yourself.

“This is the place!?” you both say aloud.

Your favourite hotel comparison site said it was a 4-star all inclusive, but the cracks in the wall tell another story.

Your brow wrinkles with frustration, the holiday review site has never let you down before.

Still, this is the risk you take when you want to visit a new location every year. You grin and tell the kids you’ll make the best of it. But deep down you’re thinking about that lovely holiday park you visited last year. What you wouldn’t give to just routinely go there every year.

Who wants their holiday to become routine?

When the average UK citizen gets only 28 holiday days a year we’re always on the lookout for that next uncovered holiday hotspot. You want to make the most of these days, right?

So, why would you want your holidays to become routine? We’re led to believe that for a truly fun family holiday we need to visit a new part of the world every year.

You need to tick off more countries and cross out more cities. Revisiting the same spot on the map won’t let you do any of this, and make your family holiday a pretty dull experience.

But, you’d be wrong to think that.

5 reasons why you should holiday in the same spot every year

When you Holiday in the same spot every year you can actually give your family the trip of a lifetime. You can relax in your home away from home, and focus on spending quality time together.

You’ll really connect with one another as opposed to frantic days looking around the sites or sharing a crowded hotel with people you don’t know. Having a regular holiday get away location let’s you and your family truly recharge. We’ve listed some of the benefits below:

Less surprises mean more leisure time

The first time you go anywhere is always a bit hectic. Whether it’s finding your hotel, locating the best shops or knowing which restaurants to eat in. Your first holiday in a new resort is a trial by fire.

Sometimes this ad-hoc approach can mean you’ll stumble upon something amazing. A restaurant, an activity (what’s zorbing), or a memory filled afternoon. But if you want to truly escape from the 9 to 5 for a week you’ll want these unplanned excursions to be at a minimum (especially if the kids are in toe).

Once you’re familiar with a holiday location you can put the stressful planning to one side and return to a place you know you’ll love. You can spend more time not worrying about where to eat or what to do, and spend more time with the ones you love.

Your holiday will become a timeline of firsts

Holidaying in the same spot every year lets you create a unique family timeline where you can see many of your children’s firsts.

Their first time on a hike, their first time at a water park, their first time riding a bike. Returning to the same place year on year let’s them overcome fears and try things they were too small for before.

Your holiday becomes a lovely timeline of all the exciting ways your family has grown.

Say cheese

If holidaying in the same spot every year creates a timeline of memories you’re going to need a way of documenting them. Returning to the same holiday park lets you get a snap of your family’s growth over time.

Whether it’s a photo outside the static caravan you own, or at the start of your annual nature walk.

It pays to be a regular

Well, maybe not in monetary terms but a lot of holiday parks and hotel resorts reward loyalty. They love seeing guests return time and time again. Once you’ve developed a relationship with a resort don’t be surprised if you find you’re getting free upgrades, perks or other benefits in your latest booking package.

The world slows down slightly

When you’re holidaying in the same spot every year it’s like returning to an old friend. You can relax, take a load off, and let your world slow down a bit.

Everything’s moving so fast in day to day life. The news, new buildings, new developments. Even holidaying in a new place every year can make you feel like things are constantly changing.

Returning to your familiar holiday hotspot can block out this whirring for a week or two. It can give you a sense of calm, familiarity, and security. Worry mode is off, and family relaxation time is on.


Holidaying in the same spot every year can be a hugely enjoyable experience for you and your family. Saving the same date every year to go to your home away from home is something that everyone will look forward to.

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