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What Maintenance Does a Static Caravan Need?

What Maintenance Does a Static Caravan Need?

Here we’re taking you through some of the essential static caravan maintenance you should consider in order to keep your mobile home in tip top shape. You’ll want to keep your caravan looking great and working at a standard you can be proud of but of course, many of the things are covered by us as your site provider. But these are little maintenance things you can do to keep your static caravan looking great when you’re not there.

Clear out food before you leave

Remember to empty your fridge and cupboards of perishable foods before you leave. You don’t want to be coming to your caravan for a holiday to find old, rotted and mouldy food and awful smells lingering inside your home. That’s not the sort of thing you want to be dealing with at the start of what is supposed to be a relaxing getaway!

Drain down

Draining down is where you switch off and release any excess water you might have left in your systems before you leave. This is especially important for the winter months.

A drain down helps to prevent any damage caused by burst water pipes or freezing during time when you’re away. If you have water left in your static caravan’s systems and something happens while you’re not on-site, you could risk severe damage and rising costs.

Secure outside furniture

If you have any outdoor furniture such as tables and chairs, you’re going to want to make sure they’re secure before you leave. Safely store them away until you return. High winds or storms can blow your furniture around, possibly damaging not only your own caravan but someone else’s. Rain can also cause these types of items to rust so make sure they’re covered.

Turn off the electric

Before you leave your holiday home, remember to turn off the electric. You don’t want to be charged for accidentally leaving a light on!

General cleaning

Your static caravan needs to be cleaned and maintained like you would with your regular home so you’ll need to consider what surfaces need to be dusted, vacuumed, and disinfected. The key to keeping your static caravan in tip top condition is just to show it the same love, care and attention that you do your home. Keep it neat, tidy and clean and you’ll have a static caravan that you can holiday in for years to come.

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