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UK Holiday Prices Soar Due to Travel Restrictions

UK Holiday Prices Soar Due to Travel Restrictions

UK holiday prices have drastically increased this year as more and more people consider UK staycations this year.

The government announced that international travel would be off the table until at least 17th May, and then would only be allowed if the vaccination rollout was successful and coronavirus case numbers continued to fall.

With many people still uncertain about whether foreign travel will be feasible in summer, companies such as Awaze, the UK’s largest holiday cottage operator, have reported double digit price increases.

The average nightly rates for short-term rentals on sites such as Booking.com and Airbnb have increased by 59% for June this year compared with June 2020, while prices for July and August are currently up more than 38% than last year.

The surge in demand for UK holidays has certainly driven up UK holiday prices, especially around Easter when travel restrictions abroad will still be in place, and many places are quickly becoming unavailable.

Henrik Kjellberg, chief executive of Awaze, said:

“We still have a lot left for summer but if you are particular about the property you want [or] the destination you want then we are starting to see compression.”

Properties with hot tubs or that allowed pets have seen particularly high demand.

Holiday homes as a cost-effective alternative

Purchasing your very own holiday home could well be a cost-effective alternative to renting in the UK. With travel restrictions still imposed and with many foreign governments yet to declare whether or not a vaccine passport will be necessary to enter the country, owning a holiday home may well be a hassle-free, stress-free and more cost-effective option. UK holiday prices are unlikely to fall and many people may not yet feel comfortable travelling out of the country.

Plus, with your own holiday home, you never have to worry about fluctuating prices, unavailability and finding a place that will accept your pet.

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