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Thinking of buying a holiday home? Here’s why people are giving up the touring life

Thinking of buying a holiday home? Here’s why people are giving up the touring life

Touring caravan or a static caravan? It’s the age old question in the caravanning world. Touring caravans are an excellent way to enjoy your leisure time and they afford you the opportunity to take your relaxation on the road, discovering new places and routes to explore or simply visiting your favourite haunts. However, here are some reasons you might want to be rid of the touring life and you might want to consider buying a holiday home…

You’ve outgrown your caravan

Tourers are great but they don’t have the same amount of room that you get with a static caravan. Buying a holiday home is a great way to remedy this situation. If your family members are having to pitch multiple tents outside your touring caravan every time you’re on holiday, it can start to feel like a festival site. And at some point, you outgrow that, both physically and mentally. A static caravan can fit more people and affords you the luxury and privacy of separate bedrooms!

You’re sick of walking to the toilets at night

Buying a holiday home means you have a lovely bathrooms that doesn’t require a torchlit hike to find and in some of the bigger lodges you’ll even find a full size bath. The prospect of not having to march to the toilet block to empty your toilet might just be the thing to make you give up your tourer for good.

You haven’t got the energy for touring anymore

If the thought of packing up your tourer, loading up the car and setting off on the open road is sounding more like hard work than a fun adventure, it might be time to switch up your holiday routine. A static caravan is a lot less hassle and you only really need to pack your clothes and get in the car! The whole process of going to your static caravan is so much simpler and much less stressful than heading out on your tourer and sometimes you just fancy a quiet life!

You’ve found your dream holiday spot

One of the great things about a tourer is visiting lots of different places. But what if you fall in love with a particular location and quite fancy visiting there every year? Then why not buy a static caravan in that location? Whether you’ve fallen in love with a local restaurant scene or you’re just in love with the views this location gives you, if you’ve found your dream holiday spot it makes sense to swap your tourer for a static.

Static caravans in Northern Ireland

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