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Fancy owning your own holiday home? Here’s a run down of the 9 best static caravan parks in the UK

Fancy owning your own holiday home? Here’s a run down of the 9 best static caravan parks in the UK

There’s nothing more exciting than the first time you pull up to your new holiday home. After all the paperwork has gone through and you’ve paid all the costs, the drive up to your new home is one of the best feelings in the world.

The stress of organising family holidays is now a thing of the past. You don’t need to spend your evenings on the internet shopping for package deals or messaging unresponsive Airbnb owners. You have a holiday destination just a short drive away. A destination where you can really get to know the location, your neighbours and enjoy a relaxing break without the hassle of transfers and bookings.

Owning your own UK holiday home is a great way to get all these benefits. With so much to see and do in the UK it can be difficult to know where to purchase your holiday property. Do you go to the rugged wilds of Scotland or head down to the Southern Coast? Wales or Northern Ireland? Don’t forget historic York or the Lake district either!

All are amazing choices, we think the best thing to do is buy your own luxury static caravan. Encore Parcs has static caravan parks across the UK and our homes are state-of-the-art. Whether you’re looking to rent or buy we have all the UK covered. You can find a run down of all our static caravan parks in the UK below.

What makes a great static caravan park?

What are the hallmarks of a great static caravan park? There’s a lot of caravan parks in the UK so making sure you pick the right one for you is a very important decision. Buying a holiday home is a big investment so you want to make sure when you do sign on the bottom line you’re going to be getting a great home and one you’ll be happy to use all year round.

With that being said, what types of things should you be looking out for when viewing holiday homes? We’ve made a quick list below to help you view potential holiday properties.


You definitely want to make sure whatever static caravan or holiday home you buy is in a great location. Is the caravan park situated in a beautiful location? Does it have shops and restaurants nearby? Are there lots of family trips and activities to do in the surrounding area?

The park might be beautiful but if the nearest shop or day out is 50 miles away it might not be the best location for a family holiday home.


Are there things to do in the holiday complex? Many UK caravan parks have onsite sports facilities, a club house, gyms etc. Some even have a pub and restaurants. If you’re looking for a caravan park that is self sustaining then make sure you check what amenities it has onsite.

Most have the basics like wash-blocks and toilets but if you want a holiday home which has everything you need just a walk away then checking the onsite amenities before you buy is enough.

Friendly neighbours

We all love watching Nightmare Neighbours Next Door on 5 Star but nobody actually wants to live next to a disruptive neighbour. Some holiday parks can have great locations and loads of onsite amenities but your neighbours might not be your cup of tea.

You want to, as much as possible, check out your neighbours before you buy. Try and get a feel of the caravan site. Each one will have its own atmosphere and vibe. Some sites can be quite lively and rambunctious whereas others are more laid back and built for relaxing.

When you visit a site for a property viewing, speak to a few of your potential neighbours and try to get a feel of whether the site is for you. Another tactic you can use to gauge whether a site could be the right fit for you is checking the caravan parks Facebook communities. See what the residents talk about and how they talk. This can give you a big insight into the type of people you’ll be living next to.

Warning signs a luxury caravan site isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

When you are viewing potential holiday homes you also need to keep an eye out for the warning signs that a caravan park might not live up to the glossy image it paints of itself online. Watch out for these warning signs when you’re looking at luxury holiday homes and remember, go with your gut, if something doesn’t feel right, don’t buy it.

Indifferent staff

If the onsite staff are rude, unattentive, lazy or just seem uninterested in you then that’s a clear sign the holiday park probably isn’t worth investing in. The same goes for the sales team and any email communications you have with the parks management.

Great static caravan parks puts customer service and satisfaction above everything else. If you don’t think the staff are giving you the time of day it’s highly likely they treat the other aspects of their job with the same indifference too. Avoid.

Rubbish in the park

Nobody likes dealing with rubbish. Having to empty the bin at home is one of the worst jobs. So, if you see rubbish littering the paths and roads of the static caravan parks you’re visiting, that’s a good indication the park doesn’t care about its appearance or the image it presents to its residents or visitors. If you see overflowing bins and loose rubbish on the floor it might be a good idea to look somewhere else for a holiday home.

Grotty homes

Cracked windows, mouldy walls, dirty carpets and drapes. Just some of the signs the caravans in a park aren’t kept to a high standard. If you enter a potential home and it’s encrusted in filth don’t wait around. First impressions count. You’d be better off leaving and going straight to your next viewing.

Where are the best static caravan parks in the UK? Our top 9 picks

With the dos and don’ts out the way, which caravan sites do we think are the best in the UK for family holidays? Well, we may be slightly biased but Encore Parcs has 9 static caravan parks spread across the UK all of which provide excellent accommodation for families looking for a holiday home that’ll last them a lifetime.

Seahaven Residential Park – Northern Ireland

A residents only park, the Seahaven Residential Park is the perfect retirement village for over 55s. Located between Groomsport and Orlock it has a beautiful sea front location and is just minutes away from Bangor town centre and marina.

Seahaven is the perfect option for a retired couple looking to downsize and enjoy their golden years by the sea.

Ballyhalbert Park – Northern Ireland

With both residential and holiday properties in the caravan park, Ballyhalbert Park in Northern Ireland is our second location on the Ard Peninsula. Ballyhalbert comes with its own golf course, clubhouse and ice cream parlour. So if you’re looking for a holiday park with all the amenities you could ask for, look no further.

Cloughey Park – Northern Ireland

Located on the eastern side of the Ards Peninsula Cloughey holiday park is a quiet relaxed park perfect for couples wanting a stress free holiday by the sea. A short walk away from many beautiful areas and historic sites, Cloughey is the ideal holiday park for those who like a slower pace to life.

Windsor Park – Northern Ireland

Our last park in Northern Ireland. Windsor Park, like our other NI parks, it’s situated on the Ard Peninsula. The park is located in Groomsport just a ten minute drive from Bangor and it’s a hot spot for lovers of watersports. The park also has picnic and play areas and is surrounded by beautiful, sandy beaches.

Aspen Country Park – Suffolk

If you’re looking for a holiday park steeped in history look no further than Aspen Country Park in Suffolk. This holiday park is set within 22 acres of stately and prestigious ground which once belonged to the Duke of Norfolk. This holiday park is surrounded by stunning parkland, lakes and a Grade II listed church tower.

Cherry Bird Country Park – Berkshire

Just a short journey from London but situated right on the border of the North Wessex Downs; an area of outstanding natural beauty, Cherry Bird Country Park combines the glamour of city living with the peaceful tranquility of country life. A perfect holiday park for those living in the capital, there’s plenty to see and do at Cherry Bird Country Park.

Hornbeam Country Park – Devon

This holiday park is perfect for wildlife lovers. Hornbeam Country Park is located in picturesque Devon right next to the Blackdown Hills and the Devon Somerset border. With wildlife all around you, walks galore and the whole of South West England just a drive away this is the perfect place to buy a holiday home if you want an adventure filled holiday.

Whitebeam Country Park – Gloucestershire

Based in the historic Forest of Dean, Whitebeam Country Park straddles the three counties of Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Monmouthshire. Perfect for day trips into Wales, walks in the woods or exploring historical sites with the kids.

Willow Bay Country Park – Cornwall

If you’re looking for a break by the sea look no further than Willow Bay Country Park in Cornwall. The holiday park is just a short drive from the sea where you’ll get to experience the best of Cornwall’s golden beaches. Locations like St Ives and Newquay aren’t far either.

Which static caravan park takes your fancy?

If you’re looking to get your foot on the holiday home property ladder then we’re sure there’s a static caravan park that’s right for you at Encore Parcs. If you’d like some more information about the properties at our parks or to arrange a viewing you can contact us here.