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Static caravan insurance – is it worth it? How much? Where can I get it?

Static caravan insurance – is it worth it? How much? Where can I get it?

You’ve finally decided on the static caravan of your dreams. But have you got the insurance covered? Finding the right static caravan insurance can be a stressful endeavour, especially if it’s your first time!

Before you can fully enjoy your static caravan, it’s time to get your insurance questions answered. Below, we have compiled all the information you’ll need to help you find the right insurance cover for your needs.

Do I need static caravan insurance?

Most parks will require you to have a certain level of insurance cover. As your caravan is your “holiday home”, there are many reasons you should buy insurance.

In this guide, we’re going to answer some of the most commonly asked questions surrounding static caravan insurance. We’ll also offer advice on which cover may be best for your needs!

Static Caravan Insurance Costs

Let’s begin with the most important topic of all – static caravan insurance costs. Many people experience stress when it comes to finding any type of insurance. But the good news is, it’s easier than you think, especially in the case of static caravans.

The costs of your static home insurance will be determined by a number of factors that include:

New for old value vs. market value
Your caravan’s market value
Contents and extras such as decking and a veranda

With this said, it can be tricky to give a clear price since every static caravan will differ slightly. When you inquire about insurance coverage it’s important to disclose as much information as possible to get an accurate quote.

Considerations To Keep In Mind

We’ve added some of the considerations below to help you determine which insurance provider can offer you the best quote:

What do you need to be covered?

You will be able to divide your insurance sums into two parts. The value of the static caravan and its contents. Things like permanent fixtures and fittings are included in the caravan value.

What is your caravan’s value?

Depending on whether you choose for new for old or for market value, you need to know either the market value or the new value of your caravan. Static caravans are valued for replacement units rather than the pitch itself.

Will you be subletting your static home?

Ensure that the policy you choose includes coverage for damage caused by people who hire or sublet your caravan or lodge.

The above considerations will help you to find the best offer on your caravan insurance and ensure that you get the right cover for the type of static home you have.

Where to get static caravan insurance

It is important to choose a reliable static caravan insurance provider, and luckily, there are many options out there! If this is the first time you have owned a static home and had to search for an insurance provider, it can be quite a daunting task in itself.

We recommend thoroughly doing your research which means taking the time to look at a static caravan insurance provider’s website, reading reviews, and getting on the phone to discuss your needs.

Many static caravan insurance providers have agents that work for them to assist customers who are seeking cover for their homes. You should certainly utilise these professionals and ask all the questions on your mind.

From gaining clear information on excesses to breaking down the calculation of sums, there’s a lot of stuff to know.

Know your jargon – static home lingo explained

When it comes to chatting to agents on the phone and scouring the internet for the best insurance deals, a lot of the time, the language used can cause some confusion. If you find yourself wondering what on earth half of the caravan insurance jargon means, we’re here to decipher it for you.

Public liability

This is your responsibility to others and their property. An injured party may be entitled to receive compensation from the insurer if they cause damages to another person’s property or cause other injuries to others.

Loss of use cover

In the event that the caravan is rendered uninhabitable by an accident or other event, the policy will cover alternative accommodation.


You make a payment towards a claim on your insurance policy.

New for old static caravan insurance

The replacement of your caravan and contents as new if they are damaged. (If we cannot replace your caravan with the same model, we will work with you to find an equivalent model.)

Market value

It is necessary to consider factors such as; year of manufacture, type, wear and tear when calculating the cost of replacing your caravan.


If the structure is either:

Insufficiently furnished for a normal occupation
In your primary residence for the past 30 consecutive days, furnished for normal occupancy, or
You have not occupied it for over 72 hours, it isn’t Your primary residence, and it is furnished for normal occupation.


Returning you to the same financial position you were in before the loss.

Looking for a static caravan to insure?

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