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Is it on the green list? 5 British Staycation ideas for families looking for a fun summer in the UK

Is it on the green list? 5 British Staycation ideas for families looking for a fun summer in the UK

“How do I find out which countries are on the green list” you shout upstairs to your partner after watching the latest news update.

It’s pointless asking them you think to yourself, literally no one knows what’s going on. It’s a big thumbs up for foreign holidays one week and then everywhere’s getting shut down the next.

How long was travel to Portugal allowed? Three weeks?

Honestly the whole thing is a mess. You were looking forward to a holiday this year (everyone knows we need one!) but it looks like it might be wiser to stay in the UK.

The last thing you want is to get to Alicante or Prague only to find out you need to quarantine when you get back to the UK. Or even worse, you get stuck over there and can’t get home!

But even with foreign holidays off the table there’s still a wealth of things you and your family can do in the UK. In this article we’ve listed our 5 favourite British Staycation ideas for families and we’ve explained why we think a British Staycation is the way to go this year.

Why a British Staycation is the best idea for your holiday this year.

At the time of writing this article (22nd June 2021) there are currently 11 countries on the UK’s green travel list. Out of all of them only one is what we’d consider a short haul flight. If you’re looking for some hot weather then you can always go to Gibraltar but the place itself is very small and a family can see and do everything there in a few days.

Another greenlist location that isn’t too far away from the UK is Iceland. A lovely getaway for an adventurous couple but not exactly a prime family holiday destination for a family.

Other green list countries are Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. Again, these are lovely destinations but can you get a family of 4 there cheaply for a two week break? We don’t think so.

The rest of the green list is mainly made up of tiny British overseas territories and islands that are slap bang in the middle of the Atlantic. Family holiday to the Falklands? Yeah, we didn’t think so.

With travel choices so slim and no guarantee from the government that we’ll be able to do international travel without paying for expensive Covid tests or quarantining on either end we think the best course of action for families in 2021 is to holiday in the UK.

Not only will you be avoiding the hassle of a potentially stressful foreign trip but you’ll get a chance to see the wonders of the British Isle. As Brits we often forget about the amazing natural beauty and heritage we have right on our doorsteps. There’s no denying that the pandemic is awful. It will let us experience parts of the UK we’ve never thought to have visited before.

Whether it’s the Brecon Beacons, Peak District, Norfolk Broads or the Cornish Coast there’s a lot to love in the British Isles and there’s no better time to see it all than now.

Below we’ve listed our 5 top British Staycation ideas for families looking for a UK based summer holiday with none of the foreign travel uncertainty.

Caravanning in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is full of rugged country walks, amazing coastal scenery and things to do for the whole family. Whether it’s water sports in Groomsport harbour, an evening on the tiles in Belfast or walking around Ards Peninsula the area is bursting with things to do for the whole family.

Northern Ireland is a quick flight or a short ferry ride (the kids will love it) over the Irish sea from Britain. But the journey in itself gives you a sense of ‘going away’ on holiday. Even a short flight or boat ride can mentally get you in the holiday mood.

We believe caravanning is the best way to see Northern Ireland (We own several caravan parks so we might be slightly biased) you can enjoy all the luxuries of home and spend quality time with your family whilst also enjoying the amazing scenery.

Owning your own static caravan gives you a guaranteed holiday spot every year too. There’s no better way to make lasting memories with your children and own a piece of a holiday hotspot that’ll go up in value over time. If you’re interested in purchasing a caravan from Encore Parcs check out our available properties or contact us for more details.

Walking in the Lakes

If adventure is more your thing then you can’t get much better walking in the UK than the Lake District. With its ranges of mountains and lakes, tarns and meres it truly is an area of outstanding natural beauty.

It also boasts England’s highest mountain, Scafell Pike, a must climb for any keen walker. If you’re planning a family holiday to the lakes it’d be wise to wait until your children are old enough to tackle a mountain. It’s not advisable to take toddlers up the fells but if you’re in a group you can always take turns looking after the kids.

A historic city break in York or Chester

If slogging your way up hills isn’t your thing then maybe a short city break in one of the North’ most historic cities would be better suited for you. Both York and Chester have 1000s of years of history under their streets. Chester was a large Roman town and York was the seat of power for the vikings in the early middle ages.

Not only are the cities historic but they’re also beautiful with medieval architecture, cobbled streets and picturesque wattle and daub houses. That’s not to mention the amazing bars and restaurants both cities boast along with historic walks and exposed archaeology for everyone to see.

Our top tips for each city would be:

Chester – Take a walk around the medieval walls and go and see the Cathedral

York – Spend a day at the Yorvick viking center

Surfing in Cornwall

If history isn’t your thing then how about some water sports in Cornwall. Tucked away in the South West corner of the UK the county often gets weather more akin to Spain and Italy as opposed to rainy old England.

Cornwall is often called the watersports capitals of the UK with towns like Newquay and St Ives it’s easy to see why. Whether it’s boating, paddle boarding, surfing or bodyboarding there’s something for everyone in Cornwall. Did we mention jet skiing too?

If the water isn’t your thing there’s plenty of bars and restaurants that line the sea front so you can watch your family frolic and play in the water while you sip a coffee or maybe something a bit stronger.

A long weekend in the capital

London truly is a global city. You can visit 100 times and still not see everything. Whether you’re going for the museums, art galleries, or world class restaurants there’s something for everyone and every family.

You can relax in London parks, take an open top bus tour around central London, or go and see the houses of Parliament and the wheels of government no matter what age you are there’s something to do in London.

What are you planning to do?

With foreign travel off the cards it’s time to explore the UK and have a truly great British Staycation. The British Isles have so much to see and you’ll be spoilt for choice. If you’d like to spend your holiday with us in Northern Ireland you can contact us for more details.