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How to prepare your holiday home for the winter months

How to prepare your holiday home for the winter months

As the nights draw in and the weather turns colder, the winter months are fast approaching. This means now is the time to ensure your holiday home is prepared for the winter months. The changing season can have a real impact on your holiday home which is why we’ve put together a selection of winter maintenance tips to get your holiday home winter ready.

You may not visit your holiday home as much in the winter months, leaving it unoccupied for longer periods which is why it’s important to take measures to minimise the risk of anything happening to your holiday home whilst you’re not there, especially in the changing weather.

Secure outdoor furniture and other items

Securely store outdoor furniture and loose items within your static caravan, or within a storage facility if you have one. Leave nothing outdoors that can be blown about by strong winds, damaged by snow and ice or stolen.

Switch off the water

If your holiday home is unoccupied for long periods of time, water damage is something you need to think about. You can reduce the risk of water damage by switching off the stop cocks, emptying pipes, draining the heating and ensuring any residual water is removed.

Prepare for guests

If you’re letting out your holiday home over the winter period you’ll need to make sure it’s guest ready. Ensure the heating, water and wifi is all in working condition and you might want to provide your guests with books, DVDs and games to keep them entertained if the weather isn’t that great.

Check your gutters before you leave

Clear your gutters of leaves and any other debris if you’re going to leave for the winter. If water is allowed to build up it can be forced into the roof seams of your home and create damp patches. If the water is allowed to freeze it can lift the seams and create areas where water can seep into your home.

Remember gas and electricity

During winter, it’s a good idea to turn off your gas at the bottle and your electricity off at the box when you are away from your holiday home for a sustained period.


If you’re leaving your holiday home unattended throughout winter you might consider adding some security features such as motion sensor lighting or alarms. This will deter vandals and thieves from damaging or breaking into your holiday home. Of course, when you choose a holiday home at Encore Parcs, you benefit from having your holiday home in a secure holiday park which gives you that added safety, security and peace of mind.