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Crack out the sun loungers – 4 ways caravan decking will transform your family holiday experience

Crack out the sun loungers – 4 ways caravan decking will transform your family holiday experience

You mop the sweat from your brow, it’s a blisteringly hot summer’s day…

And you’re loving every minute of it.

Reclining on your sun lounger you grab your glass of ice cold lemonade and take a little sip.

“This is the life” you say to yourself as you wave to your caravan neighbours.

They’re making the most of the weather by sitting on the grass. Not a bad way to spend the day you think, but with decking around your static caravan you’re truly living the high life.

With decking around your entire caravan your floor space has doubled. You’re entertaining friends later with a BBQ and you’re having a nice, romantic meal with your partner tomorrow. Decking around static caravans is great you think, why didn’t you invest earlier.

Lots of people are hesitant to crack out the hammer and nails and invest in caravan decking. They think the build will be too complex and the price too steep but that often isn’t the case.

Decking is a cost effective way to double the floorspace your holiday home has and it adds value to your property. Not to mention the priceless ways it improves your family vacation every year. Below we’ve listed the 4 ways decking around static caravans can truly transform a family’s holiday experience.

Decking, the financial cost

Before we dive into listing the ways decking can improve your family holiday we’ll quickly run through the costs and effort involved in building decking for your caravan.

Caravan decking varies in price depending on the type you choose. The most affordable option is uPVC which costs around £12 per square foot. Composite and timber decking is a bit more expensive at around £50 per square foot.

Deciding whether to deck just the front of all around your caravan will determine the cost along with added extras like posts, steps, access ramps and handrails.

We have pre-approved contractors and suppliers that will build your decking. To discuss timings and prices for your project just speak to your Park Manager.

4 ways caravan decking will improve your family holiday

With the financial details out the way we can move on to letting you know about all the amazing ways decking around static caravans can transform family holidays.

Enjoy alfresco dining

On a hot summer’s day the last thing you want is to be cramped up inside your caravan eating dinner. Even with the windows open and curtains pulled back it can feel a little pokey.

Most caravan owners treat their decking like a dining room. With the space limitations of a static home removed you can really splash out on a nice table and chair set for sunny meals with the family. Also, If you decide to buy decking that goes around your entire caravan you can even move your table to guarantee sun at any time of day.

Meals outside are the best times to bond with your family on holiday. So making sure you have a comfortable, stress free way to eat food together is a must if you don’t want tempers to flare on a hot July evening.

Be the party king with world-beating patio entertainment

Even the largest caravans can only fit around 6 people comfortably. After that you start feeling like packed sardines. If you’re holidaying as a large group or you have friends and neighbours in your caravan park it can be difficult entertaining them all at the same time.

That’s where static caravan decking comes in. Decking provides you with a wide open space that’s perfect for entertaining guests and having a bit of a boogie. Get a BBQ going too (fire safety permitting obviously) and you’ll become king of the holiday park before you know it.

Decking lets you see all your friends in one place. This in turn creates great memories and stories as you catch up, reminisce and socialise with friends new and old. Decking turns your family holiday experience from a strictly family affair to one with extended friends, relatives and well-wishers all along for the ride.

Watch the kids play from the comfort of your sun lounger

Everyone wants to watch their kids grow up. Nobody likes missing the first word, or the first sports game. The same goes for when you’re on holiday too. But with children being bags of energy it can be difficult to keep track of them from inside your caravan.

Adding decking to your static homes gives you a great vantage point to relax from while your kids run (literal) circles around you. Make sure you’re always there to catch their next first and make family memories that’ll last a lifetime.

Sleep easy knowing your static caravan went up in value

Nothing provides a better night’s sleep on holiday like knowing your caravan is going up in value. Decking not only adds considerable floor space to your holiday home but it also pays for itself tenfold in the long run.

This value isn’t just monetary either, the hundreds of priceless memories you’ll create on the deck of your static caravan should let you doze off knowing your family can enjoy it for years to come.

Do you want to spend your summers on some decking?

Caravan decking will truly transform your holiday experience. It’ll bring you closer to your family and let you relax in the great outdoors during your vacation. If you are interested in owning your own static holiday caravan you can see all our available caravans here. If you’d like to arrange a viewing or ask us a question, head to our contact us page.