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Are holiday homes a good investment?

Are holiday homes a good investment?

Are holiday homes a good investment? It’s a reasonable question to ask considering you’re parting with a good chunk of your money. And the very simple answer is: yes! Holiday homes are a great investment. Here are three reasons why investing in a holiday home could save you money compared to holidaying abroad every year:

1. You save money on flights & insurance

Having a holiday home in the UK saves you money on flights and travelling expenses such as insurance. You can plan a trip to your holiday home whenever you like, with whoever you like, without worrying about flights fluctuating in price throughout the year. Holidaying at home is a fantastic way to have a family holiday that doesn’t break the bank.

2. You aren’t held to ransom by school holiday price hikes

It is widely accepted (but not loved) that holiday operators hike up their pieces during school holidays. Whether it’s Easter, half term or summer, the price of a family holiday can double and sometimes triple in cost compared to other times of the year. With schools now taking a firmer stance on children missing days during term time and even fining parents for taking their children on holiday during this time, some families have no option but to pay the higher prices whilst some simply miss out. Having your own holiday home means you can take a trip during these school holidays without paying any extra!

3.You can holiday with as many people as you like

One of the great things about having your very own holiday home is that you can have whoever you want round to visit. You don’t need to worry about under occupancy rates if there’s only one or two of you and you don’t have to worry about paying for multiple hotel rooms if you want to make it a proper family trip. Your holiday home caters for you and there’s no added costs associated with the flexibility of having whoever you want over to stay.

Invest in your own holiday home

If you’re thinking about investing in a holiday home of your own, why not consider Encore Parcs? We have a range of beautiful holiday homes in Northern Ireland that could be your perfect second home. Take a look at the different holiday parks and homes we have available and get in touch if you’d like to learn more.