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5 ways to keep your static caravan warm in winter

5 ways to keep your static caravan warm in winter

Static caravans have come a long way over the years and modern static caravans are now built with comfort and luxury in mind. However, when winter arrives and brings with it the sub zero temperatures, biting winds and snow, keeping your static caravan warm becomes a top priority.

Now, there are long term ways to keep your caravan warmer such as installing underfloor heating, adding cladding and upgrading windows and doors. But these are big, expensive jobs that you’d most likely have to do bit by bit.

Instead, we’re focusing on more short term solutions that you can quickly implement this winter.

Here are 5 cost-effective and easy ways to keep your static caravan warm and cosy this winter.

1. Invest in thermal curtains

Windows are the spots where the cold is most likely to enter your static caravan and so thermal curtains are fantastic for keeping the cold out and the heat in. The great thing about thermal curtains is that they come in a range of colours and styles so you can find some to watch your existing decor. The best way to ensure your static caravan stays nice and warm is by opening curtains in the day to let the heat in and closing them as it gets cooler in the evenings to keep the cold air out.

2. Don’t block your radiators

The radiators in your static caravan have got quite the job to do in winter so don’t make their task any harder by blocking them. Try your best to position your furniture so that it isn’t covering any of the radiators. We know this can be tough when you don’t have a lot of space to work with but you want optimal heat flow from the radiators in order to heat up your static caravan as efficiently as possible. It might even be worth having a little rejig of your layout for the winter months.

3. Add some thicker rugs

Whether you have carpet or wooden floors, adding thick rugs to your static caravan can add an extra layer of insulation and can make all the difference in terms of keeping heat in. Your feet will also be kept toasty throughout the winter months!

4. Buy a portable heater

A portable heater can add some much needed warmth to a chilly caravan and can be used infrequently and temporarily for a cost-effective warming solution. You can find portable heaters that are quite cheap so you don’t have to spend a fortune on them. Just make sure to keep doors closed when using your heater to maximise its efficiency!

5. Utilise soft furnishings

When you think of a warm and cosy static caravan you instantly think of blankets and cushions. And these types of soft furnishings can be invaluable during winter. Blankets and throws can help you stay warm and you might even consider upgrading your duvet to a higher tog. Alternatively you could invest in an electric blanket for those long winter nights.

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