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Owning your own static caravan: 5 benefits renters can’t get

Owning your own static caravan: 5 benefits renters can’t get

It’s been a long couple of months.

Work has been hectic and you’ve had loads of things to do.

But all that stress ends today. You’re on the road with your family and heading back to your beautiful static caravan in the South West of the UK. You bought this holiday home a few years ago after a decade renting them for vacations and you’ve never looked back.

In fact you’re surprised you didn’t make the jump to holiday home ownership sooner. Looking back at all the extra stress and money involved in renting, you’d advise any keen UK staycationers to take the plunge and just buy their own UK static caravan.

You knew there were going to be a few benefits to owning your own luxury static caravan but you didn’t realise how many. When you arrive at your holiday parks and see the extra hassle renters need to go through you’re glad you decided to just buy.

You can swing open the door to your holiday home and feel like you’ve never left. That’s just one of the many upsides to owning your own luxury mobile home. We’ll go through 5 more in this article.

1. A holiday home is your second home

Owners of static caravans can do what they like to them. Whether that’s redecorating them, renovating or adding a deck to the outside. A holiday home is truly your space to do with as you please.

You know that when you arrive it’ll be exactly as you left it. There’s no anxiety involved like booking a hotel or using airbnb. The reviews on those sites can only tell you so much. Your own holiday home is your own personal airbnb, and one that you can use anytime of the year.

These means you’ll spend less time fretting about reviews and rude staff and more time relaxing is a little slice of heaven you own (ok, so maybe not heaven but your holiday home must come pretty close).

Another advantage of having a holiday home you own is you can decide on a trip away at a moment’s notice. No confusing booking process or searching for a good deal on a room. You can just throw a small bag of clothes in the boot and head off to your static caravan.

2. You’ll be one of the locals

Owning a static caravan means you become a part of the local community too. After a few visits the locals at your favourite pub will begin to recognise you and you’ll have a whole other group of friends for your trips away.

You’ll find amazing restaurants off the beaten track and start choosing your favourite walks as you return time and time again.

3. All the joys of a family holiday with no packing

Arguably one of the worst parts of any family holiday is the packing and unpacking. That’s vital holiday time that could be spent having a beer or playing with your kids. Instead you’re sorting clothes or lugging heavy suitcases about.

Well, not if you own your static caravan. With all the mod-cons of a second home your static caravan can be used to store your holiday gear all year round. Whether that’s swim trunks, winter wear or just extra clothes, having a holiday home that has your own personal wardrobe in it.

Clothes aren’t the only hassle you avoid owning your own static caravan. Cooking and eating becomes much less of a chore as you have a full kitchen at your disposal and you know the area you’re going to will be lovely and scenic because you picked it.

4. You’re just a short drive away from stunning scenery

Whether your thing is woodland walks, coastal trails or rugged mountains there are holiday homes all over the UK positioned right next to your scenery of choice.

And since you can purchase a holiday home anywhere it stands to reason your static caravan will be on the doorstep of a mountain, forest or ocean you love.

We have holiday parks in the South West (Devon and Cornwall), Gloucestershire, Suffolk and Northern Ireland so there is a park for everyone out there.

5. Your caravan can end up making you money

Buying your own static caravan isn’t just a good idea for family holidays it can be a great investment opportunity too. Not only will you own a second home but the costs you’ll save by not going on an expensive family holiday abroad will mean your caravan will pay for itself in double quick time.

And, if you’re feeling entrepreneurial you can rent out your caravan when you’re not using it and use the rent to pay for your site fees, mortgage, or just keep it to spend on nice things.

Are you ready to buy your first static caravan?

Buying your first static caravan holiday home is an exciting experience. Maybe you’ve been renting for a while or you just fancy purchasing a mobile home in the UK.

Either way, the chance to have a lovely UK staycation retreat to go to and call your own is a truly great feeling. If you’re looking to purchase a holiday home you can check out Encore Parcs selection of holiday homes here. If you’d like to chat with one of our team and arrange a viewing you can contact us here.