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15 must have static caravan accessories that’ll let your home handle anything

15 must have static caravan accessories that’ll let your home handle anything

If you’re looking forward to your static caravan getaway but you’re unsure of what accessories you’ll need – you’re in the right place. From outdoor gadgets and gizmos to interior additions that are sure to make your life easier, there are many amazing products out there to snatch up.

We’ve compiled a list of our top 15 must-have caravan accessories for any static caravan holiday to help you to handle anything that is thrown your way. Let’s take a look at our list, happy campers!

1. A cool box

Let’s begin with one of the most essential accessories for any camping holiday – a cool box. While your static caravan will likely already have refrigerator space, having an outdoor cool box is always going to come in useful. Whether you fancy cooling down your drinks while lazing in a sun lounger or you’re heading for a picnic nearby, a cool box is a cheap accessory that you’ll soon find you can’t live without.

2. First aid kit

Safety should always come first, especially in the case of being away from home. Invest in a good first aid kit to ensure that you have all the crucial bits in the case of an emergency. Many people overlook the importance of a first aid kid and instead rely on outside help, however, more often than not it can be more efficient to treat a minor injury yourself. Ensure that your first aid kit is stocked up before going away and remember if you have a serious injury to always seek professional medical help.

3. Outdoor table

An outdoor table may not strike you as a ‘must-have’ accessory but it will certainly make your life easier. When dining out on the patio or deck, avoid having to balance your plate on your knee with an outdoor table area. Whether you opt for a portable fold-up table or something a little more sturdy, there are many options out there to suit every type of budget.

4. Vacuum bags

While static caravans usually come with some sort of built-in wardrobe space, it’s still often not enough space! Vacuum bags are a great way to ensure that you can pack away everything that you need to. They’re easy to use, cheap to buy and can be stored away under the bed or on top of cupboards to keep them out of sight.

5. BBQ

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as firing up a BBQ at the end of a long summer’s day. A BBQ is a priceless static caravan accessory that you will use over and over again. From romantic BBQs with the partner to family gatherings, there’s no better way to top off a caravan holiday than with a delicious BBQ.

6. Caravan insurance

Caravan insurance is not so much an accessory but more a necessity. To protect your belongings inside your caravan, you should certainly consider taking out insurance. In the worst-case scenario, you’ll have total peace of mind that you can be reimbursed for any damage or stolen belongings. Take away the stress of your holiday with caravan insurance!

7. Doormat

Who doesn’t want their static caravan to feel as homely as possible? A simple doormat can do the trick when it comes to creating a welcoming atmosphere and it’ll add character to your static caravan too. Add a nice decorative touch with a practical element is an accessory worth investing in.

8. Patio heating

If you plan to get away in your caravan during the cooler months, a patio heater is without a doubt one of the best accessories to complement your seasonal home. Patio heaters can be fairly cheap to buy and they ensure that you feel comfortable no matter the time of year.

9. Window boxes

Are you envious of your neighbour’s lovely flower collection? If you’re nodding, why not buy a couple of flower boxes to brighten up the outdoor space attached to your caravan? There are many affordable options out there and if you can even grow herbs in them to cook with.

10. Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting is another caravan accessory that will bring about enhanced practicality. If you plan on spending time outside of your caravan on outdoor seating, for example, lighting is key. For the environmentally-conscious type, you could even opt for solar-powered lights. Decorative lighting such as fairy lights looks beautiful if you’re trying to bring about a boho vibe.

11. A washing line

By fixing a washing line in your outdoor area, you’ll have a designated area for hanging clothes which can bring about more practicality. For those that are going away on longer holidays (we don’t blame you), at some point or another, you’ll need to hang out your washing and a clothesline will allow you to do just that.

12. Caravan step

For elderly people or even children, a caravan step is going to help you get in and out of the caravan with ease. While you may not think that a step is a necessary accessory, it will make it easier for movement.

13. Toolkit

There are going to be many times where you wish you had a tool kit when staying in your caravan. By buying and storing away a small toolkit, you’ll have all the tools you need to tackle just about any small DIY job. Whether a cupboard handle comes loose or you need a screwdriver to open the back of a remote, you’ll be prepared!

14. An awning

If you have a big group of guests coming away with you, an awning for the outside of your static caravan is going to help massively. By creating an outdoor sheltered space, you’ll be able to sit back and relax knowing that everyone can come together no matter the type of weather in store.

15. A fan

During hotter months of the year, static caravans can get very warm inside. Bring along a fan with you and you’ll have no problem cooling down the interior of your caravan should you need to. Depending on your budget you can choose to get a simple plug-in fan, or even go for a battery-powered one if you feel it will serve you well!

Have you got all your accessories for your next holiday?

Whether it’s your first time on a caravan holiday or your hundredths make sure you’ve got all the accessories above to guarantee you have a great time. If you’re interested in buying or renting a static caravan for your family you can see all our residential parks and holiday parks using these links. Or, you can contact us for more details.