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Why should I buy a holiday lodge in the UK?

Why should I buy a holiday lodge in the UK?

Owning your own holiday home is a huge decision to make. But more and more people are favouring buying their own holiday lodge over taking traditional holidays abroad. If you’ve been considering buying a holiday home in the UK but haven’t quite decided yet, here are 5 reasons you should take the plunge.

1. Owning a holiday lodge takes the stress out of going on holiday

Now we know the words holiday and stress don’t usually go together but let’s be honest, it CAN be stressful planning a trip away – whether that’s in the UK or abroad. Research shows people actually enjoy staycations a lot more than going abroad and it’s easy to see why. There are no last-minute cancellation fees to worry about, there’s no need to spend hours pouring over the internet trying to find the perfect hotel, there’s no need to check everyone’s passports are in date, there’s no need to find the cheapest month to go. It all evaporates when you own your own holiday lodge. Having your own holiday home here in the UK means you can go whenever you like and for as long as you want with no added stress.

2. You can enjoy complete convenience and flexibility

UK getaways are extremely popular and during the summer months, it can sometimes be impossible to find suitable and affordable accommodation – unless you’ve booked a whole year in advance. But when you own your own holiday lodge, you know it’s always available! You neve have to commit to a certain number of nights, you can decide to go the night before and you can leave whenever you like. Buying your own holiday home in the UK gives you the freedom, flexibility and convenience to holiday on your own schedule.

3. It can work out cheaper in the long run

Buying a holiday home in the UK provides you with a cost-effective method of taking multiple trips throughout the year. Additionally, with both new and pre-owned options available there’s something to suit all budgets. Of course, the initial cost of buying the holiday home along with the running costs can put some people off. But you can actually offset these costs by renting out your holiday home to generate some income.

4. You get to know the surrounding areas and your neighbours

Owning your own holiday lodge allows you to get to know your neighbours and gives you the opportunity to build a real community spirit. Getting friendly with those around you in the holiday park can really enhance your getaway and make it a much more enjoyable stay. Plus, you’ll get to know the surrounding area pretty well too; finding hidden gems, quiet walks and places of interest you might never have discovered if you’d only spent a week of your life there.

5. You can create a real home away from home

One of the best things about owning your own holiday home is that it truly is a home away from home. You can decorate your holiday lodge to suit your taste, fill it with bits and bobs from home and you can even leave things there to make packing as light as possible. Whether it’s drinks, toiletries or games, you can pack your holiday home with things to make your holiday as comfortable as possible – without having to haul three suitcases with you every time.

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