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Static caravans vs holiday lodges: which holiday home is right for you?

Static caravans vs holiday lodges: which holiday home is right for you?

When looking at buying your very own holiday home, you can choose between a static caravan and a holiday lodge. Both are very attractive prospects but there are some slight differences between the two types of holiday homes that you might want to consider before you buy.

Here we’re going to take you through the main differences between static caravans and holiday lodges so you can make the right choice for you.

What is a static caravan?

A static caravan is different from a touring caravan in that it’s designed to stay in one place. Statics are designed to be transported only once – directly to a holiday or caravan park – where they will stay for a sustained period of time.

What is a holiday lodge?

A holiday lodge is similar to a static caravan in that it is designed to stay in one place, however they look a lot different to static caravans as they’re designed to look more like bricks and mortar houses.

The main differences between static caravans and holiday lodges


Static caravans tend to be slightly smaller and more compact than holiday lodges. While modern static caravans offer enough space to holiday comfortably, and are certainly more spacious than touring caravans, if more space is a priority for you, a holiday lodge is probably the better choice for you.


Budget is obviously a major factor when you’re looking to own your own holiday home and generally speaking, static caravans tend to be cheaper than holiday lodges. This is because holiday lodges are bigger, more spacious and offer more luxury than static caravans. Holiday lodges tend to vary quite a lot in price too depending on the specification.

Fixtures and fittings

Static caravans have smaller sized furniture and fixtures to enable them to fit more in due to the decreased size. In comparison, holiday lodges typically use standard sized beds, showers, fixtures and fittings as you would find in any brick and mortar home making them truly a home away from home. Holiday lodges tend to have superior insulation in the floor, roof and walls compared to static caravans. This can often be useful if you do want to use your holiday home out of the typical summer season.

Interior design options

You have a lot more scope to decorate a holiday lodge than you do with a static caravan just simply due to the nature of how they’re built. Additionally, with a holiday lodge you can create a completely bespoke home to bring your dream holiday home to life. If you’re looking to create a completely personalised holiday home in terms of layout, interior design and features, a holiday lodge may be a better option for you. Alternatively, if you’re happy to buy a static caravan as is and just add small details such as knick knacks to make it your own, that’s another option too.

Buying a holiday home

Whether you decide to buy a holiday lodge or buy a static caravan, both will offer you a wonderful home from home where you can spend precious time with family and friends, getting away from the stresses of daily life amidst coastal or countryside scenes. Browse our range of holiday lodges and static caravans and find your perfect holiday home today.