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How to make your holiday lodge a real home from home

How to make your holiday lodge a real home from home

One of the greatest things about buying a holiday home is that it’s completely yours to do what you want with. When you rent a home, an apartment or holiday lodge, while they may be comfortable and stylish, they may not have everything you want or need, and they’ll never be decorated to suit everyone’s taste. But when you buy your own holiday lodge, you have the freedom and flexibility to make it a real home from home.

If you’re thinking about buying a holiday home, here are our top tips for making it feel like home.

Add personalised items

One of the things that makes a holiday rental really feel like it isn’t your home is the lack of personal items. So when you buy your holiday lodge, be sure to fill it with family photographs, knick knacks and personal effects. These small additions give your holiday home a personal touch and can make a huge difference, instantly making you feel like you’re at home.

Plug-ins, air fresheners & candles

There’s nothing as comforting as the smell of home and I’m sure we’ve all been hit with that new house smell before. A certain scent can instantly transport us to a particular place or time so it’s a good idea to bring the same smells from home. Add a couple of plug-ins that you normally use at home, as well as air fresheners and even a scented candle or two. Then your holiday lodge will really feel like home.

Books, DVDs & games

British weather dictates that at some point, you might be spending a few days bunkering down within your holiday home, sheltering from bad weather. At home, you’ve got all the entertainment you need to hand – but what about your holiday home? Stock your holiday lodge with books, games and DVDs to keep you entertained on those dreary days and you’ll feel right at home.

Soft furnishings

Comfort is key in making your holiday lodge feel like home and the easiest way to dial up the comfort is through soft furnishings. Think throws, pillows, cushions – even the dog bed! These little touches are the home comforts that matter and really go a long way in making your holiday home feel welcoming and cosy.

Kitchen essentials

One of the most frustrating things about renting somewhere is searching the kitchen for something you desperately need, such as a sieve, chopping board or grater, only to realise there isn’t one! To truly make your holiday home feel like a proper home, make sure the kitchen is well stocked with all the utensils you use at home. It’s so much easier knowing you’ve got everything to hand and once you’ve stocked up your kitchen, you’ll never have to bring utensils from home again!

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